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Welcome to April’s MBA & MAcc newsletter. Included, you will find information about several upcoming events, as well as important administrative deadlines and updates.  Please be sure to read through the newsletter carefully to make sure you get all of the information regarding upcoming events and important announcements.

Upcoming Events and Deadlines:

  • Tuesday, April 1st: Fall registration opens
  • Wednesday, April 2nd: Last day to ADD 5-week trailer courses (Spring)
  • Friday, April 4th: Last day to DROP 5-week trailer courses (Spring)
  • Tuesday, April 15th: Last day to move your Google Docs from the old Zagmail system
  • Friday, April 18th: Good Friday Holiday (no classes, GSB office closed)
  • Monday, April 21st: Easter Monday Holiday (no classes, GSB office closed)
  • Friday, May 9th: MBA & MAcc Graduation Party
  • Saturday, May 10th: Graduate School Commencement
  • Thursday, May 15th: MBA & MAcc summer orientation
  • Monday, May 19th: Summer classes start
  • Thursday, May 22nd: Last day to add or drop a class for the first summer session (May 19 – June 27)
  • Monday, June 30th: Second session summer classes begin
  • Thursday, July 3rd: Last day to add or drop a class for the second summer session (June 30 – August 8)
  • Click here to see the Academic Calendar

Community Events

All Graduate Students:

Course Evaluations
As a reminder, please remember to fill out course evaluations on Zagweb following the completion of MBA & MAcc classes. Course evaluations provide important feedback to the program and faculty about the curriculum.

Have You Moved or Changed Email Accounts?
Please email us at with your updated contact information (email address, address, employment information). Please note that all current students are expected to check their Zagmail accounts; however, we are able to update your preferred secondary email address.

500 Level MBA & MAcc Courses: If your advisor has evaluated your pre-requisites and determined that you are required to take one or more 500 level pre-requisites, you will now be able to register for them on your own in most cases.  You should also be able to register for the 600 level course they are a pre-requisite to in the following term.
For example, if you are required to take MBUS 501 Stats Review in Summer 1, you can register for MBUS 613 Quant & Stats Analysis in Summer 2 without getting an error.

MBA Students:

International Issues Elective Requirement

Please remember that you are required to have 2 credits of elective coursework with an international focus to graduate.

The following course fills this requirement:

MBUS 685 International Marketing (Summer), 2 cr

The following course fulfills one credit toward the requirement:

MBUS 636 International Ethics (Spring), 1 cr 

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Schedule an exit interview today!

MBA & MAcc students who are graduating in May or August 2014 should schedule an exit interview with Adriane Leithauser, Alumni & Outreach Specialist. Exit interviews are required of all graduating students and can be completed either in-person or over the phone. Exit interviews provide us with valuable feedback and are critical to our programs’ future success.

Also, be thinking about MBA and/or MAcc faculty to nominate for faculty of the year awards. These awards are given out each year at the graduation party for outstanding faculty in the Graduate School of Business. Look for an email from Adriane in the coming weeks.

Gonzaga MBA students – please take a few minutes to complete the annual Princeton Review MBA student opinion survey.  Your feedback will impact Gonzaga’s rankings and can help future students as they evaluate their options for MBA programs. Surveys are due by mid-April.

Invitation from the Princeton Review: 

Our Princeton Review team invites your direct feedback about your experience at the Gonzaga University Graduate School of Business in our annual MBA student opinion survey.  Your insights on favorite classes, career services, extracurricular activities, school traditions, professor/student interaction, quality of life, (you’re getting the picture here) provide invaluable guidance for MBA bound students searching for their best fit schools.  Your anonymous survey responses drive the narrative, rankings and ratings inherent to many of The Princeton Review’s MBA school admissions titles and website.

The online student opinion survey takes only a few minutes to complete. 

Thanks for time in completing our survey.

-The Princeton Review Editorial Team

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Looking for a graduation cap and gown? We have two extras in our office available for use, sizes 5′ – 5’2″ and 5’3″ – 5’5″. Contact Adriane if you are interested.

Effective Fall 2014, the Graduate School of Business is pleased to implement “block” scheduling. Core classes will now be arranged into groups or “blocks.” Each block of classes will be offered on a specific day and will rotate each fall and spring semester. One class in each block will be offered during the daytime, which means we will have one daytime class per day, Monday – Thursday. The only time a class may  not be offered is if a professor is on sabbatical or teaching abroad.

We hope that this new scheduling model will help students effectively plan ahead and help answer the question of when classes will be offered.  See below for the Fall and Spring schedules to see how the block scheduling model works. If you have any questions about this new model, be sure to contact your advisor.

Block scheudling fall and spring

All new students are required to enroll in and attend MBUS 600 or MAcc 600 (depending on their program) prior to enrolling in their first semester of classes. Summer orientation will be held Thursday, May 15, 2014 in Jepson Center Lobby and 120 from 2:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Dinner will be provided, and students will receive pertinent information regarding academic honesty, professional standards, career resources, and networking as well as provide you with an opportunity to meet with other students in Gonzaga’s MBA and MAcc programs. You will also have the opportunity to obtain your GU email account, parking permit, textbooks, and participate in a short campus tour if you arrive at 2:30 p.m. The required portion will take place from 4:00 pm to 8:30 pm in Jepson 120.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Stacey Chatman.

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Summer 699 Elective Courses

MBUS 699: Core Issues for All HR Managers MBUS 699 – 2 credits

Core Issues in HR examines concerns central to managing people in organizations. Several topics reflect enduring struggles such as getting a place on the organization’s strategic team and aligning HR practices with organizational mission, culture, and business objectives.  Other topics are rapidly changing and demand more time from managers than ever before such as work-life balance, generational conflict in the workplace, managing presenteeism (i.e., Internet surfing among employees), and telework. This course is designed to give non-HR professionals useful insight into the HR function and tools to leverage HR knowledge in their own workplaces and careers. The course also provides HR professionals with an opportunity to engage with research on challenging topics they encounter every day.

 MBUS 699: HPIEW (The Science and Art of Evaluation) – 2 credits

The main purpose of this course is to help business students understand what Human Performance Improvement Evaluation (HPIE) is, why it is important and how to evaluate performance improvement. Adhering to a systemic and systematic approach, the course covers main HPIE concepts such as: assessment, measurement, testing, and evaluation; defines evaluation principles and guidelines; describes the differences between formative and summative evaluation, quantitative and qualitative evaluation; explains the Balanced Scorecard and how it is used; and explains step-by-step evaluation procedures, including the testing of knowledge acquisition through criterion referenced test development theory.

 Advising Note – 699 Courses

If you wish to register for both 699 courses, you will receive an error on Zagweb. Email your advisor with the below list of information to complete registration.

1. Your name
2. Student ID
3. Description of the error/what you would like to register for
4. CRN of the course or courses you would like to add

Through Gonzaga’s participation in the Jesuit MBA exchange, students can take advantage of study abroad opportunities through other Jesuit schools. The Graduate School of Business office circulates these opportunities as they are available. Currently, there is a summer opportunity available through LMU in Bonn, Germany. The program focuses on the environment of business in the European Union and includes excursions to Brussels, Frankfurt, Cologne, and more. If you are interested, please contact our office for more information.

Meghan Johnson, a current MBA student, took advantage of this opportunity and studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina with the University of San Diego. Read more about her experience below!


Meghan (far right) dines with her professor and fellow students at a closing dinner in Buenos Aires

In early January, I had the pleasure of joining 20 students from the MBA and IMBA programs at the University of San Diego on an international consulting trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Each group of 4-5 students was assigned a company based on their experience and skillset, and was given a project to complete in the 11-day work period. My group was comprised of a student from China, Mexico, San Diego and myself, all of which had different education backgrounds and business experience. Our challenge was to create a US entry strategy for an Argentinian based authentic Mexican restaurant, La Fabrica Del Taco, complete with market research, financial analyses, growth opportunities, legal, immigration and corporate requirements. Their ultimate goal was enter the US market within 6-months of our departure, open numerous restaurants within 2-years and establish an IPO within ten.  We spent 12-hour days immersed in research, financials and cultural differences between the US and Argentina, not to mention a lot of time spent ‘researching’ the fresh, homemade taco and margarita offerings. Each day after work, we would see the sights of the city, dine at 9PM, the normal South American dinner time, and indulge in steak, empanadas and malbec. We enjoyed a tango show, walked the famous cemetery where Eva Peron lies and were even able to watch the Seahawks playoff game in an ex-pat bar.

While it was challenging to take time off work to travel to Argentina, it was an invaluable experience. Instead of learning about international business in a classroom, I was able to be a part of it firsthand. I was able to implement all of the skills and business knowledge that I have learned while at Gonzaga in developing this market entry strategy, and it further enhanced my understanding of the subject matter.  I highly encourage Gonzaga students to take advantage of the study abroad opportunities through the Ahlers Center for International Business at the University of San Diego. They are one of the top study abroad schools in the nation and made this sole GU student feel incredibly welcome.

Summer registration is now open.  A listing of our current Summer 2014 courses can currently be viewed through ZAGWEB.

Beginning with Summer 2014 forward, the Registrar’s office has moved to a singular summer term with courses now assigned to various “parts of term.”  Under the new singular summer term, the three key “parts of term” will be First Session, Second Session, and Full Session. The main difference you will notice when viewing summer courses on ZAGWEB is that ALL courses that are offered this summer are grouped into one link under ‘Catalog/Schedule Selection’, Summer 2014 Term, instead of broken out into multiple terms. You will be able to tell which “part of term” the course falls under by looking at the start and end dates and the course section numbers. The table below outlines how to easily tell which “part of term” a course falls under.

The first session of six weeks  replaces what was formerly Summer I, the second session of six weeks replaces what was formerly considered Summer II, and the full summer session remains the same.   Dates and deadlines will be similar to past summer terms for each of the three sessions.  The Student/Advisor Action Guide for Summer 2014 can be found here

The new summer coding structure is as follows: 

Part of Term Term Length Term Equivalent to Prior Dates of 2014 Sessions Section Number Coding Schema
First Session Six Weeks Summer I May 19 through June 27 F1 – First Session – Section 01
F2 – First Session – Section 02
F3 – First Session – Section 03
Second Session Six Weeks Summer II June 30 through August 8 S1 – Second Session – Section 01
S2 – Second Session – Section 02
S3 – Second Session – Section 03
Full Session Twelve Weeks Full Summer May 19 through August 8 01 – Full Session – Section 01
02 – Full Session – Section 02
03 – Full Session – Section 03


NOTE:  Additional sections for each session may exist outside of what is outlined in the table above and follow the same schema.

As you may know, many MBA & MAcc classes fall outside of the standard 6-week or 12-week patterns outlined in the table above. Please refer to the course information and dates outlined in ZAGWEB as assigned to the particular course(s). 

We appreciate your patience as we move toward the new summer model.  Please contact your advisor with any questions and for assistance in planning your summer schedule.

Tweet us!

Gonzaga’s Graduate School of Business is back in the Twitter-sphere. Be sure to follow us and join the conversation at (@GonzagaMBA). A special thanks to Professor Agnew’s Social Biz class for helping us navigate Twitter and providing us with helpful tips and tricks!

Each year, Gonzaga accounting students participate in volunteer income tax assistance (VITA). These free tax services are availble to anyone who meets certain income qualifications. If you are interested in taking advantage of this service, please see the information below.

Gonzaga students will be working on Tuesdays from 4-7 PM at the United Way and Saturday all day at the United Way.


MBA and MAcc students – be sure you are staying up to date! You should be on a University-wide list serve for graduate students. If you are on this list serve, you should be receiving a daily email from the University called “MorningMail,” as well as other important emails for graduate students that go to the “ALL-GRAD” list serve. If for some reason you are not receiving these updates, please email Adriane Leithauser with your name and student ID number. She can get you added to the list!

Spring 2014 MBA/HCM classes are now available for registration!

MBUS 626H: Healthcare Information Systems (2 credits)

  • On campus weekend: Friday, January 31st – Saturday, February 2nd
  • On campus weekend: Friday, February 28th – Saturday, March 1st

MBUS 690H (01): Healthcare Strategy (3 credits)

  • On campus weekend: Saturday, February 1st – Sunday, February 2nd
  • On campus weekend: Saturday, March 1st – Sunday, March 2nd
  • On campus weekend: Friday, April 4th – Saturday, April 5th

MBUS 690H (02): Current Issues in Healthcare (1 credit)

  • On campus weekend: Saturday, April 5th – Sunday, April 6th

 Advising Note – 690H Courses

If you wish to register for both 690H courses, you will receive an error on Zagweb. Email your advisor with the below list of information to complete registration.

1. Your name
2. Student ID
3. Description of the error/what you would like to register for
4. CRN of the course or courses you would like to add

In order to better accommodate all MBA & MAcc students, the Graduate School of Business will now be open until 5:30 PM, Monday – Thursday (effective September 2nd). Need to drop off a form or ask an advising question? Please feel free to drop into the office until 5:30 PM for these and any other needs or questions you may have.

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