December Highlights

10152010SnowDay-1Welcome to December’s MBA & MAcc newsletter!

Please read through the newsletter carefully to make sure you get all of the information regarding upcoming events and important announcements.

Important Dates:

  • December 1 through December 15
    Evaluations open for semester-long and 5-week courses
  • Wednesday, January 7
    New Student Orientation
  • Monday, January 12
    Monday-only spring courses begin
  • Tuesday, January 13
    Spring semester begins
  • Wednesday, January 14
    Last day to add or late register
  • Friday, January 16
    Last day to drop (and receive 100% tuition adjustment)

Gonzaga Events:

  • Monday, December 8 | 7:30 pm | Fox Theater
    Gonzaga Symphony Orchestra featuring Sung-Won Yang, cello soloist
    FREE tickets for GU students! For more information, CLICK HERE
  • Friday, December 12 | 7:30 pm -or-
    Saturday, December 13 | 2pm | St. Aloysius Church
    Candlelight Christmas Concerts 2014: “All the World in Wonder”
    For more information and tickets:
  • Thursday, February 5 | 7:30pm | tba
    Men’s Basketball Game Watch
    More information coming soon!

Spokane Business Events:

  • Thursday, December 11 | 5:30 pm | Chairs Public House
    Spokane Society for Young Professionals
    Help SSYP celebrate their 10th anniversary while networking with members of the Spokane business community. CLICK HERE for more information
  • Friday, December 12 | 7:00 – 9:00 am | The Lincoln Center
    Good Morning Greater Spokane: Building a Culture of Health

Spokane Community Events:

  • December 2 – 14 | The Davenport Hotel and Riverpark Square
    Christmas Tree Elegance
  • Dec 12 – 21 | until 7 pm daily | Manito Park
    Holiday Lights at Gaiser Conservatory
  • Dec 31 | Downtown Spokane
    First Night Spokane The biggest New Year’s party this town has ever ever seen, along with one of the best fireworks shows of the year! Bring in the New Year with First Night Spokane!

Course Evaluations:

Please remember to fill out course evaluations on Zagweb during the last two weeks of MBA & MAcc classes. Full semester and 5-week trailer course evaluations are NOW open! These evaluations provide important feedback to the program and faculty about the curriculum. If course evaluations are not available, be sure to inform your professor and/or Adriane Leithauser.

Have You Moved or Changed Email Accounts?
Please email us at with your updated contact information (email address, address, employment information). Please note that all current students are expected to check their Zagmail accounts; however, we are able to update your preferred secondary email address.

Orientation – MBUS/MACC 600
All new students are required to enroll in and attend MBUS 600 or MAcc 600 (depending on their programs) prior to enrolling in their first semester of classes. Spring orientation will be held Wednesday, January 7, 2015 in Jepson 120 from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Dinner will be provided, and students will receive pertinent information regarding academic honesty, professional standards, career resources, and networking. This is also a great opportunity to meet other students, faculty, and staff in Gonzaga’s MBA and MAcc programs.

If you arrive at 3:00, you will be able to take a short campus tour and obtain your GU student ID card, parking permit, and textbooks. The required portion will take place from 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm in Jepson 120 (Gonzaga undergraduates are not require to attend until 4:30 pm). If you have questions or concerns, please contact Patty Hallinan.

MBA Students:
International Issues Elective Requirement
Please remember that you are required to have 2 credits of elective coursework with an international focus. Here are the courses that count toward that requirement this fall:

MBUS 636 International Ethics 1 credit – Mon 5:30 – 8
MBUS 699 Hult Case Competition 1 credit – Tues 8 – 9
MBUS 699 Sustainable Global Development 1 credit – Wed 5:30-8

Sign up for ZagAlert!

zagalert2 minutes could save your life.

ZagAlert, Gonzaga’s emergency communications system, is in place to ensure that our faculty, staff and students are well informed in an emergency situation.

From now through early December, President McCulloh and other campus departments are asking the campus community to take responsibility by signing up for ZagAlert. By providing both a mobile phone number and an email address, you will be informed as quickly as possible in an emergency.

Visit to enroll in ZagAlert or to update your contact information to include a mobile phone number.


Register now for Portland and Seattle TREKS!

Treks are career development and networking programs that create opportunities for students to connect with alumni and employers in key metropolitan areas across the country. As part of treks, students interact with partner organizations during corporate excursions, career fairs and networking socials. Check out this video to get a glimpse into what Treks offer.

Register for the upcoming Portland and/or Seattle Treks on ZagTrax!


GU MBA Students win big during Startup Weekend Spokane

Startup Weekend Spokane is a competition for local entrepreneurs looking to jumpstart their ideas. This past month Gonzaga MBA students Katilyn Aliota and Alex Puryear played key roles in helping their team take home the grand prize. We had a chance to sit down with them to discuss their experience of winning and what it means as they look to the future.StartupWeekend_Color

Q: Can you briefly explain the winning business concept?

Alex: It’s an experience-based travel website.

Kaitlyn: 50% of travelers don’t know where they want to go when they go to plan out their vacation. And, the majority of these people go online to figure it out. So instead of going to where you have to put in “from: Spokane; to: Chicago” on “these” days and then they bring you back a hotel, flight and all that, you say “I want to go scuba diving, I want to go golfing, I want to go when it’s hot, I want to spend $1000, here are my dates, and this is where I’m starting from… where can I go?” The idea is that this Go-Kefi platform will bring you back all the results of where you could go – South Florida, California, Hawaii. Instead of doing it based on location it’s based on what you want to do.

Q: What did the team win by placing first?

Alex: We won 40 hours of web development, 12 hours of marketing, and 3 months of shared office space. We also won an opportunity to pitch in front of Spokane Angel Alliance.

Kaitlyn: Which is a big deal. When we pitched on Sunday evening, we pitched to a group of entrepreneurs who were providing resources that were donated by people in the community. But Angel Alliance is actually a group of investors who will give money, kind of like Shark Tank, to an organization that they feel deserves that kind of funding. So that’s really where the money is.

Q: What were the big take-aways for you personally?

Alex: You know, all in all, I think my biggest take-away from Startup Weekend and winning was just helping Amanda, Troy, and Monica jumpstart their idea. I mean, that was the coolest thing. Helping those three, who came up with this idea, win this competition and knowing the win will jumpstart this business for them.

Kailtyn: Right. Because it wasn’t like Alex and I had the idea and we made it better. They had this great idea, and we were fortunate to be able to bring them the right skills that they needed to finesse that idea and really sell it. Because I think where they were struggling was “we have this really great idea… we have all of these really great ideas and how do we boil it down to five minutes?” And we could say, “this is how you do it.” So, I think that is really cool, being able to help organizations and startups identify the ideas that they have and be able to say “okay, here’s the three minute elevator pitch that you need to be able to deliver to anybody on the street.”

Q: Are you still involved with Go-Kefi?

A: We’re definitely still in contact with those three [Amanda Scott, Troy Carpenter, and Monica Bomber] . After winning Startup Weekend a lot happens. They’re still in the phase of “what do I do next?” and, “what’s our next step?” We are definitely still helping them out and staying in contact with them.

Q: Any last thoughts?

Kaitlyn: I think it’s a wonderful opportunity in terms of hands-on learning. Even though we’ve only been in the program for 11 weeks now, we certainly were able to apply many things we had learned in the classroom. I feel like I’m going to be a better business graduate because of that experience and other experiences that it’s now launching me into. Now, I’m part of the Hult Prize team and I’m going to build a lot of that experience based on what I learned at Startup. I recommend that anyone just go to Sunday night pitches because you can just see the amount of  heart and soul that goes into those pitches. I think it’s a really cool thing that we have in the Spokane community that not a lot of people know about.

What’s been beautiful about this competition and a few other things that have happened in the course of my short time in the MBA program is that I thought I wanted to go for a marketing concentration, and I’m now leaning towardsan entrepreneurial focus and maybe working on a startup or two. That’s been really exciting. What I really enjoy about Gonzaga is that there’s a lot of opportunity to connect with people and to really make a difference and be involved. In just the short 11 weeks that we’ve been in the program, several opportunities have come up that I never thought I would be a part of. I never would have joined Startup Weekend 6 months ago. I can guarantee you that. I would have thought, “no way.” I just really think there are some very cool opportunities that Gonzaga offers that more people should take advantage of.

Exit Interviews

Are you an MBA or MAcc student graduating in December? First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! Second, don’t forget to schedule your Exit Interview.

The Graduate School of Business is committed to the ongoing improvement of our programs. One of the most important ways we measure the vibrancy of our curriculum is to ask soon to be graduates to reflect on their experiences here.

To that end, we conduct Mandatory Exit Interviews, asking you to consider how well our program responds to the needs of our students. Your confidential responses are a vital component of our annual accreditation reports.

Adriane Leithauser will be conductingexit_sign these Exit Interviews in person and over the phone during the months of November and December.

Please provide Adriane with a few days and times to schedule your Exit Interview. You may reach her at
509-313-3419 or


New LinkedIn University Page


The Graduate School of Business has a new LinkedIn University page! This is a great resource for connecting with other current students and alums while learning about the industries and companies where our graduates work.

We need your help to ensure this page reflects the successes of our students. Many of your profiles indicate you’re earning your MBA or MAcc degrees through “Gonzaga University – School of Business Administration.” Please change them to “Gonzaga University Graduate School of Business.”

Bolstering our LinkedIn presence is key in cultivating a strong identity for employers and future students. Join us in enhancing the prestige of Gonzaga’s Graduate Business Programs and connecting with our vibrant alumni community.

Spring MBUS 699s – Descriptions and Registration Note

Spring 699 Elective Courses

Advising Note

If you wish to register for multiple 699 courses, you will receive an error on Zagweb. Email your advisor with the below list of information to complete registration.

1. Your name
2. Student ID
3. CRN of the course or courses you would like to add
4. Course number AND section (e.g. MBUS 699 02)

Sustainable Global Development (1 credit)

Dr. Henrickson
The world has changed dramatically during the last century, both technologically and socially. We have seen dramatic increases in average lifespan in many countries, the growth of multinational businesses, the depletion of national and natural resources, and the tremendous advances in technology and production capacity in many countries. We are also witnessing the emergence of a “Green” economy and the development of new career paths for students and professionals alike who are ready to engage and participate in the “Green” revolution as business professionals, civic leaders, and educators in what is currently, and promises to remain for the indefinite future, the fastest growing sector in our economy. This course will introduce students to the core concepts, principles and practices of sustainable development (SD). It examines the environmental, economic, and social dimensions of SD by focusing on changing patterns of consumption, production, the distribution of resources, and the measurement of sustainability across borders. This course includes an international focus and examines the impact of globalization, the role of the private sector, and NGOs.

Hult Case Competition (1 credit)

Dr. Stevens
The Hult Case Competition is an international forum for exploring meaningful social enterprise ideas – ideas that seek to solve the world’s most pressing social problems in innovative ways. Once again this year, Gonzaga will field a team of MBA students to participate in the regional semifinals in San Francisco. Students in this course will work with (and in some cases, be part of) the case competition team as we attempt to build an impactful presentation for the semifinals. The class will meet weekly in the late evening (8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.) and will be run as a briefing session – meaning that the content and the process will be dictated by the directions the class participants choose to go in. Dr. Stevens will facilitate the conversation and offer guidance and the structure and content.  The class will build towards the presentation at the semi-finals, and then continue for a few weeks post-competition to assess our team’s performance. The course should serve as an ideal complement to any student interested in learning more about social entrepreneurship, case-based presentation, or facilitating large projects.

Note: If you are already registered for a Tuesday evening class, Zagweb will not let you add this course because the there is no time between classes. Follow the steps above for duplicate course errors, and your advisor will register you for this class.

Technological Foundation of Data Science (1 credit)

Dr. Chuang
As data explosively accumulates, the need for extracting insight from data is urgently increasing. As such, plenty of data analysis technologies have been developed. The purpose of the course is to teach students the concepts of computational analysis essential to data analysis through introduction to select technologies (Python and R). This is a technology-driven course. The focus of the course will be on the characteristics of select technologies. Using the select technologies as a vehicle, the instructor aims to achieve the following: (a) students will learn fundamental concepts of programming, (b) students will learn “a generic process” of acquiring data in the Internet, and (c) students will be able to use basic functions of select technologies to acquire and analyze data available in the Internet. It is the instructor’s desire that after taking this class, students will not only have basic capability of acquiring and analyzing ubiquitous data, but also develop an interest in the rapidly growing field of data science.

Specifically, the course plans tentatively to cover the following topics:

  • Concepts of computer programming:
    • Variables and data types
    • Control constructs: Sequence, repetition and condition
    • Functions
    • Data structure: array
  • Select functions in the following technologies:
    • Python
    • R
  • Data acquisition and analysis
    • File structure: CSV, HTML, XML and JSON
    • Data conversion
    • Data analysis

Image & Reputation Management

Stephanie Vigil
Note: Class meets 8 am – 5 pm on Saturday, April 18

“It takes many good deeds to build a reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” Benjamin Franklin

Whether it’s personal, or professional everyone has an image. We have a self-image and an image of what others have of us. Over time we develop a reputation. What does yours say about you and/or your business? Whether through social media, personal interaction, or word of mouth your image and reputation can determine whether you prosper or not. This course is designed to support you in your endeavors to build,  maintain, and even repair your personal and professional image and reputation.  Major topics will include: self-assessment, redemption, creating and maintaining an image and reputation that will benefit you as an individual and professional. You will be given the tools of success from guest speakers, including famous sports figures, politicians, and members of the media who have either gained notoriety, fallen from grace, or redeemed themselves by repairing and improving their image and reputation.

Are you on the Graduate Student List Serve?

MBA and MAcc students – be sure you are staying up to date! You should be on a University-wide list serve for graduate students. If you are on this list serve, you should be receiving a daily email from the University called “MorningMail,” as well as other important emails for graduate students that go to the “ALL-GRAD” list serve. If for some reason you are not receiving these updates, please email Adriane Leithauser with your name and student ID number. She can get you added to the list!

CLEP and Proficiency Exam Information

We have a strict prerequisite policy: students MUST complete the CLEP or proficiency exam for each 600 level course prior to registering. However, if you are enrolled in a 500 level pre-req, you will be able to enroll concurrently in the 600 level course it is a pre-req for.

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) allows you to test out of subjects by demonstrating proficiency on CLEP exams. Students study independently, and then schedule their exam either through Gonzaga or through another testing center. If you do not pass a CLEP exam, you must wait three months* to re-take it.

Proficiency exams may only be attempted once.

For additional information and to schedule an exam, please visit: CLEP and Proficiency Testing Center

*Note: CLEP revised their retest policy as of Friday, October 17th. The new policy allows for exams to be repeated after a three-month waiting period. Please note that the policy change is not retroactive; so, candidates who  tested prior to October 17, 2014 must still wait six months before retaking the same exam.