Basic Information and Course Registration:

Course Offerings:

Check out the course offerings page (enter keyword: MBUS, MACC, MTAX) to see a complete list of the core and elective course offerings.

  • Click here to view the Fall 2022 MBA elective courses

Academic Calendar / Advising Schedule:

See add/drop dates, holidays, grade due dates, and more: Academic Calendar

ZAGWEB: Your resource for course registration and up-to-date course offerings. Please set up an appointment with your advisor in advance of registration to secure an available advising slot. For information on how to use Zagweb, click here.

  • To Add or Drop a Course: Students should consult the MBA, M.Acc & MS.Tax Monthly Newsletter for ADD/DROP deadlines and information. Typically a student will have one week from the first day of class to ADD/DROP a course (remove a course from your transcript with no grade assigned, and tuition is reimbursed). After that he/she can WITHDRAW (course shows on your transcript with a W grade but does not impact their GPA, and no tuition reimbursed). In the event that you need to WITHDRAW from a class, consult your advisor. Proper paperwork must be processed for both dropping and withdrawing from courses. The forms can be found on the registrars’ website.

  • Courses that are CLOSED: If a course is closed, you can email the professor to see if he/she will allow you to register. The professor must email your advisor to get permission. You must then email the CRN and your GU ID to your advisor to be registered.

  • Prereq Policy for Registration in 600 Level Courses: MBA, M.Acc, & MS.Tax students cannot register for 600 level courses unless they have successfully completed the appropriate prereq course or CLEP exam. If you are taking the prereq course the semester before the 600 level course, we can accept an email from the prereq professor once midterms (major exams) have been completed. This email must state that you are in good standing (receiving a B or better). We can then register you for the 600 level course. The professor must email us your final grade for the prereq immediately upon completion of the course and mail us official transcripts if applicable. If you do not receive a C or better in the prereq course, you will be dropped from the 600 level course. For more information on pre-requisites, please click here.

Feel free to contact your advisor with any further questions!

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to register, watch the video below

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