Where to live?

One of the first questions students ask when they are accepted into Gonzaga University is, where am I going to live? Although we can’t make the decision for you, here are tips that can help you make your decision.

Living on campus:

Living on campus is the easiest choice you can make. Depending on your age and level in school, you may be assigned to a dormitory-style (also called “traditional”) residence hall or to an apartment style hall. In traditional residence halls, you will share your room with one other person and all other areas (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) will be shared by all residents on the same floor. In apartment-style residence halls, you will most likely have your own bedroom and share the rest of your apartment with 1 to 3 other residents. All apartments and halls are either all male or all females.

Please note that there may be exceptions and that housing is not always available on campus. You should contact Sarah Alami (alami@gonzaga.edu) or the Housing office (housing@gonzaga.edu) if you decide to live on campus.

You can find more details and pictures of the residence halls here.

“Near Campus” living options

Ministry Institute owns a number of houses located very close to campus, and they often rent these spaces to Gonzaga students. The houses are all male or all female; each person has their own single bedroom and other living spaces (kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms, etc) are shared.  These rooms are $365 per month, but their availability is limited.

Spring break with friends

Spring break with friends

Ministry Institute also owns a number of apartments that are occasionally available. If you are interested in this option, please contact Diane Imes at imes@gem.gonzaga.edu or let me know when you plan to arrive and how long you plan to stay. I will use this information to find out if there is space available for you.

Finding a Host Family

Gonzaga partners with an agency that can help place you with a host family in the area. You have to pay them, but they are very helpful. This option ensures immersion and a home that is already furnished. Plus you get to live with people who can be there to support you from day 1, which is always nice. Host families may live away from campus, in which case you may need to use public transportation or to get your own car. Please contact “Pacific Rim Exchange”; their website is: http://www.pacificrimexchangeservices.org/ .You can also contact them directly at: 509.879.8277 or email: host@pacificrimexchangeservices.org. Please remember that host families are not always easy to find.

Living Off Campus

Many students want to have their own because they prefer to have their own space  and to be independent. That’s a great option too.

Please note that finding an place to live off campus is MUCH easier when you are already in Spokane. Until then, it might be a good idea to reserve a hotel room. Here is a list of hotels you can look through.

And before you start your search, a quick vocabulary lesson:

  • What is a LEASE?

A binding contract: it means that you agree to live in this apartment or house for a given period of time, usually 6 months or one year.

  • What is a DEPOSIT?

Money that you pay when you move in. When you leave, you may receive some of this money back (the refundable part of the deposit) if your apartment is empty, clean and     nothing is broken. If you do not clean your apartment when you leave, you may be charged extra!

  • Who is the TENANT?

The tenant is the one who rents the apartment or house.

  • Who is the LANDLORD?

The landlord is the one who owns the apartment or house.


Because your landlord will not reimburse you for your valuables (clothes, jewelry, electronics, etc.) if you lose them in a fire or burglary. A renter’s insurance policy will help you in case this happens. It costs a few dollars per month and you can save even more money if you bundle with your car insurance.

So now that you have a bit of background, here are some resources to help you find a place to live:

Many landlords who have houses and apartments close to the Gonzaga Campus list their properties on this website. here is a summary of the information you should look for:

If you don’t have a place to stay yet…

Check out Gonzaga’s suggested HOTELS. Be sure to see how close they are to campus, because some of them might be far away! http://www.gonzaga.edu/Admissions/Undergraduate-Admissions/Visit/Where-to-Stay.asp
If you have more questions: please contact me! My e-mail is alami@gonzaga.edu and my phone number is +1 509 313 5584.


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