What is your name and which degree are you pursuing?

Samantha Seward, M.A. in Marriage and Family Counseling

What inspired you to pursue this degree and field, and why did you choose a program in the School of Education at Gonzaga?

I wanted to help couples and families work through issues, with the hope of keeping couples and families united. I received my Bachelor’s degree at Gonzaga University, and I was not ready to leave Gonzaga’s community.

What, or who, has influenced you the most at Gonzaga?

I love the Gonzaga community. I have made incredible friends at Gonzaga and I am grateful for the many memories I have from my time at GU. Throughout my time at Gonzaga, I have had experiences that have helped me be a better counselor and better connect with my clients. I have had the opportunity to learn from many incredible professors in my undergraduate career as well as in my Master’s program. Each one of these professors has been instrumental in shaping me as a person and a counselor.

If you have worked or are currently working in the field (e.g. student teaching or internship), what is the most rewarding aspect of working in your field? Most challenging?

The most rewarding part about my counseling internship is seeing the look of excitement on my clients’ faces when they walk into my office. I have been able to walk alongside my clients and help them in their journey, and my work is such a privilege. The most challenging part about my internship is reminding myself that I am an influential person for my clients, but that I am not the only person advocating for them. I want to help my clients, but I am aware that there are limits to my role as their counselor.

What goals do you have as a future education professional?

I hope to continue working in the field of counseling as a mental health counselor working with children, families, and couples. I also hope to one day work as a supervisor or teacher to fulfill my dream of educating future counselors.


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