Completing Internship Requirements

To register for an internship, please see this blog. Internship credit is not awarded retroactively. Students must be registered for internship credits BEFORE internship hours are started. In other words, students cannot apply for credit for an internship that is already completed. All internships must receive prior approval to count toward academic credit.

Internship assignments and deadlines are described on the Blackboard page that accompanies the student’s registration in the Internship “class.” The descriptions below are meant to provide students considering an internship with information on what is expected.

Generally, to complete the internship, a student must complete the following assignments:

1. Short description with picture, intern’s name, logo of organization at which internship was completed, job title at organization, major and concentration, and expected graduation date. This description will be broadcast on the screens in the Jepson Lobby.

2. Longer description of less than 400 words for publication on website. Description will answer the following questions.

Who am I?
Where did I intern?
What did I do?
How did my GU business education prepare me for success?
How did having an internship set me up for future success?

3. Final project. The default final project for an internship is to write a paper on the experiential learning outcomes outlined by the student at the beginning of the internship. The paper requires three pages for each credit earned. However, there are alternative assignments available each semester. Students will find these options on the Blackboard site. The most common alternative assignment is a poster presentation to the faculty and staff of the School of Business Administration.

4. Self evaluation by intern will be emailed to intern at end of internship.

5. Supervisor’s evaluation of intern will be emailed to supervisor at end of internship.


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