Summer 2020 Internship Alternative

This post is for students who will be juniors and seniors in Fall 2020.

The SBA has heard from many of you that the COVID-19 health crisis has made it difficult to find or keep a summer internship. In a regular summer, many of you would be doing internships for academic credit or for zero credit (no tuition) with a waiver of the experiential requirement of the business major. (If you are doing a summer internship, be sure to register for it. Click here.)

The SBA is offering the following summer class to help rising juniors and seniors complete their experiential requirement. There are two sections of this class:

  1. BUSN 489 01 Summer Experiential Intensive (CRN: 41390): This is the section that counts for zero credits and can be taken without paying tuition. Successful completion of the course will waive the three-credit experiential requirement in the business major but will not provide the student with any credits. All students are still required to earn 128 credits for graduation. No tuition or fees will be charged for the class. This option could be right for students who have plenty of credits but need to take their experiential class.
  2. BUSN 489 02 Summer Experiential Intensive (CRN: 41391): This is the section of the class that counts for three credits and requires paying tuition. The content and requirements of both sections are the same. This option is offered for students who need credits toward the 128 required for graduation. This option could be right for students who need more credits AND to take their experiential class.

Both sections of the class will be the same and will include one core experience on career preparedness and then will require each student to select three modules of experiential content from a menu. The module topics continue to be developed but could include content and experiences on analytics, research, business communication, international careers, and content specific to concentrations.

This class will only be offered in Summer 2020 to help students who have had their internships and other educational opportunities cancelled or who have not been able to attain an internship due to the COVID-19 health crisis. The class is an alternative to our internship policy and follows the same rules. Therefore, it is only available to juniors and seniors. Students who will be first-year or sophomore-level students in Fall 2020 are not eligible. (We hope Fall 2020 first-year and sophomore students will be able to take advantage of the internship policy when they are juniors and seniors!) To take the class, register on-line through Zagweb.

As a reminder, here is some information on the experiential requirement:

  • Students with a single concentration need to take a Broadening course and either an International or Experiential course.
  • Students with two or more concentrations (or a concentration in business plus an accounting major) need to take either an International or Experiential course.


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