New Concentration in Business Analytics – starts in Fall of 2022

If you’re interested in the world of big data, business intelligence, and data visualization we have good news — there’s a concentration for that. This fall, the School of Business approved a new data analytics concentration to be housed in the BMIS discipline. This new track will introduce you to many of the skills BMIS concentrations have been introduced to around the use of technology to facilitate information sharing and access, and add important opportunities to learn about how to use data, communicate it to diverse audiences, and tell stories that make that data matter.

Dr. Tim Olsen has put together this helpful FAQ about the new concentration. Please let Tim or myself know if you have questions, or contact your advisor.

Regards, Dr. Stevens

Is there a new Business Analytics concentration?

Yes, it was approved, and will be in the catalog around August 1st.

What’s the difference between the MIS and BA concentrations?

Let’s compare the required courses for both…

BA Concentration (15 credits)MIS concentration (12 credits)
Course – Short DescriptionCourse – Short Description
BMIS 331 – Programming (Code)BMIS 331 – Programming (Code)
BMIS 342 – Analytics w/ProgrammingBMIS 342 – Analytics w/Programming
BMIS 441 – DatabaseBMIS 441 – Database
BMIS 445 – Practicum (Real World Project using Power BI)BMIS 444 – Systems Analysis and Design
Elective (ECON 355 recommended) – Regression

As you can see above, the BA concentration includes 3 courses from the MIS concentration and adds the Practicum and Regression course.

Why are the MIS and BA concentrations so similar?

Skills necessary for BA and MIS positions are similar.

Help me choose: BA or MIS?

Students with the MIS concentration get jobs in many different areas including analytics roles. The BA concentration exposes students to more in-depth analytics experiences including the Practicum and the Regression course.

Can I complete the concentration in one year?

If you can take all 5 courses, it should be possible. If you want to do it in 2022-2023 here is when the courses will be offered:

BMIS 331 – Fall/Spring

BMIS 342 – Spring Only*

BMIS 441 – Fall/Spring

BMIS 445 – Fall Only

Elective (ECON 355) – Fall/Spring

*BMIS 342 has a pre-req, BMIS 331.

Recommended Schedule: 

Fall: BMIS 331, BMIS 441, BMIS 445

Spring: BMIS 342, ECON 355

Additional Schedule:

Fall: BMIS 331, BMIS 445, ECON 355

Spring: BMIS 342, BMIS 441

Can I double major in MIS and BA?

This may be logistically difficult. You can only double count 1 course between concentrations. 

Does this require me to change to a different catalog and thus different requirements to graduate?

No.  The concentration is available to all current students regardless of which catalog you are on.  The only graduation requirements that will change are the courses required for the concentration itself.  If you have already completed coursework towards the MIS concentration and wish to migrate to the BA concentration, your completion of BMIS 331, 342, and/or 441 will count toward the new concentration.  You will have to complete a Declaration of Major/Minor/Concentration Form – declaring your new BA concentration and dropping your old MIS concentration.  Speak to your advisor to begin this process.

I have more questions, who can I contact?

Contact your advisor.


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