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An Open Letter to Zag Nation

By Mike Shields (’84) Here’s to anyone who… …trudged across a muddy Mulligan Field to an 8 a.m. class …lived in The …

Gonzaga takes Mercato Centrale

By Ben Goodwin (’16) As part of our university requirements, we take at least one semester of a language or culture course. …

A field of dreams and a touch of class

Donn Thompson played on the 1947 baseball team that was Gonzaga’s first in 15 years, due largely to the Depression and World War II. The field was makeshift and a shower absent for this group of players. The 2015 Zags invited Donn back to Patterson Baseball Complex, and even more amazing to Thompson than this fabulous baseball stadium, dugout and clubhouse was the class and positive approach to life that these young men brought to the cause. “It was better than Christmas,” Donn said as he and wife Dude walked off the field. Read Donn’s reflections on yesteryear, and his impressions of baseball today, and learn the lessons Coach Mark Machtolf and his players took away from the visit.

A World of Adventure Awaits

One Florence student discovered, as many have before him, that acquiring world knowledge is all about the journey. He’ll never know it all. It took a breathtaking view from a rock outcropping in Cinque Terre, Italy, overlooking the massive ocean below, to realize the impact of his journey overseas. Read senior Ben Goodwin’s reflections on his travels to this beautiful part of the world.

The Rules of Inclusion

Rajah Bose, who normally tells stories through photography and videos, writes about his experience at a very special school. Because the photographs, for all their thousands of words, sometimes don’t say enough.

Catching Zag Fever

Gonzaga Magazine’s new editor shares about the experiences that helped her understand what it means to be a Zag. Among basketball games and concerts, she also enjoyed taking a Critical Thinking class, where young minds learn to process their thoughts and defend their beliefs.

Do You Believe in Zags?

Despite shifts in higher education trends, several important things have not changed. The world still needs well-educated, intelligent, creative, ethical and hard-working women and men who feel a sense of responsibility to positively impact their communities.

Gonzaga a Hoops Monster, Still Not Godzilla

GU’s Pete Tormey talks about his court-side experiences at NCAA tournaments over 16 years. Remember when Los Angeles Times columnist Chris Erskine wrote – “What’s a Gonzaga?” One pundit posited Gonzaga was a monster, like Godzilla, perhaps?

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