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Congratulations to those presenting at ILA, The International Leadership Association international conference!

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Doctoral students, candidates, graduates and faculty have been honored again this year by ILA.

Presentations that have been accepted for the ILA 2014 international conference in San Diego include:

Experiences: Creating Collective Reality to Achieve Multi-agency Collaborations

Interior consciousness – A leader’s insights in collaborating with a pan African women led organization and a resettlement agency

Engaging men with undergraduate and graduate leadership programs

Leadership from the Margins: Perspectives from College Campuses and Beyond

Meaningful Leadership: Perspectives on Service, Identity, and Authenticity

Meaning, Peace, and Global Leadership

And here’s some of those who were accepted to present (please let me know if we’ve missed anyone so we can send out another shout to those we’ve missed):

Evelyne Ello Hart

Rusty Horton

Dr. Lyna Matesi

Dr. Brian Davenport

Dr. Nathaniel Pearson

Dr. Lunell Haught

Dr. Caroline Fu

Dr. Shann Ferch

Congratulations all!  The GU Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies has enjoyed a great affiliation with ILA over the years and we encourage you to come to the conference if you can, and join with others to put together a potential presentation for future conferences.

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