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Graduate Student Issues – Your Voice Should Count!

Posted by: Anna | October 11, 2012 | No Comment |
Some of you may have followed the conversation about issues brought to my attention in my role as GSC representative.

To reach those students who do not use Facebook, I’d like to offer you information here today.

If you have responses to these issues other issues of concern, please post your comments on the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University Facebook page. Using this vehicle will open the conversation up to all. As the communication GAs are consolidating all DPLS channels, we can begin changing our habits now.

Please do not respond via email (unless you must remain absolutely anonymous).

GSC Issue #1: Secure Access to Foley Library 24/7 Lounge
Dean of Library Services’ response to request for security system in Foley 24hr Lounge: There is a longstanding request in to get a security system, however, the library is not optimistic that It will happen soon.

There is a policy in place that the 24 hour lounge is for Gonzaga students, faculty and staff only. There is supposed to be signage to that effect. GU security is aware of the problems with transients and the policy and they will ask people to leave. During regular library hours students should report individuals that do not belong in the lounge to the reference desk. If the library is closed, notify security directly.

What ideas do you have to improve the service/situation?

GSC Issue #2: Rudolf Fitness Center Fees for Graduate Students

Rudolph Fitness Center Director’s response. The director is willing to discuss the question about the cost of the fitness center. Graduate programs do not receive the benefit because it was decided by the graduate programs that they did not want to be charged for access to Rudolf Center on a semester basis by including a fee in the cost of tuition. Because not all grad students are being forced to pay for the benefit like fulltime undergrad students, the cost per student is more than what is charged for each fulltime undergraduate. The charge for full-time undergrads was about $80 or $90 per student. He also mentioned that the $150 price has not gone up in 9 years since the fitness center was built. The bottom line is that if graduate programs and the law school wanted to be charged for the fitness center usage collectively, then the price would be less. However, each grad and law student would have a bump in their tuition most likely for the various grad programs to withstand the charge from the fitness center.

What ideas do you have about graduate student access and fees for the Rudolf Fitness Center?

GSC Issue #3: Graduate Student Needs/Voices/Representation
As a graduate student, do you feel connected to and included in the university community?

Do you feel that your needs are addressed?

Please comment if you are moved to do so.

GSC Issue #4
Would you be interested in purchasing Gonzaga branded merchandise that represents graduate students, something like a hoodie or a coffee travel tumbler that says: GU Graduate Student?

Would such an option be preferable to you as opposed to other GU branded merchandise?

GSC Issue #5
Would you like to see more publication of articles about the activities and interesting happenings in graduate programs at GU for example in the GU press channels such as the Gonzaga Bulletin, @Gonzaga online news, Gonzaga Magazine, Gonzaga Spirit, etc.

Please comment if you feel moved to do so.

Thank you and best regards,
Kae Reynolds, GSC Representative for DPLS

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