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Journal Club This Friday

Posted by: Anna | October 28, 2012 | No Comment |

Journal Club meets again this Friday in Tilford 117 from 4-5:15p. (It meets every Friday that classes meet.) If you would like to present an article and to ensure you get on the docket, please email Chris Francovich: francovich@gonzaga.edu. More details about presenting can be found here. Journal Club can also be found on Facebook: facebook.com/DPLSJournalClub.

The Journal Club in the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University is a forum for doctoral students and faculty to present journal articles, book chapters, or other scholarly works to colleagues. The interdisciplinary nature of our program should prove a rich context for surprise and delight. We would like to keep the presentations short and succinct and give everyone that wants to a chance to present. This experience is meant to be informal, enjoyable, and intellectually stimulating. It also can be a platform for developing and improving teaching and presentation skills.

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