Why I Give

Fr. Alfred L. Morisette, S.J., longtime member (and Chair) of the Modern Languages department. Fr. Al served in various administrative positions: Counselor in Admission, Chaplain at Crimont Residence Hall, and Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences among them. Fr. Morisette passed away in 2014.

Father Alfred L. Morisette picked me up when I needed it most. Paying for school alone became increasingly difficult and I was going to leave GU in order to work. Fr. Al recognized my potential, hired me to be his assistant in the New Start Program and saw me through to graduation. I was an RD my last two years at GU. Along with working for him, carrying a full course load, preparing for my senior recital, getting ready to student teach, I continued to meet with students and help guide them on their own journey.

If it were not for Fr. Al, I would not be a successful educator in my 30th year of teaching. I am greatly blessed by his persistence and belief in me. I know I have him as a Guardian Angel watching over me.”

– Joanne DeForeest McCandless (’85)