Don Rockstrom

How Do You Turn $.25 Into An Endowed Scholarship?

Don RockstromOn Thanksgiving Day in 1892, Gonzaga’s football team played its first game. By the late 1930s, GU football was gaining national attention playing in bowl games, bringing notoriety and a committed fan base to the University. As a young boy, Don Rockstrom capitalized on this attention, earning his first quarter helping football fans find a place to park near campus. 

“I probably still have that quarter,” he recalled. “Gonzaga was part of my life,” explained Rockstrom, whose grandfather brought the McGoldrick Lumber Company to its location near Gonzaga in what is now Lake Arthur. From handball games against the back of the Admin Building to sneaking peeks at football games from the balconies of Desmet Hall, Gonzaga was Rockstrom’s childhood playground. 

After years as a successful entrepreneur and investor, Rockstrom and his wife, Donna, came home to Gonzaga — this time, with the intention of investing in students. They established an endowed scholarship and made plans to add to the fund through a gift in their will and through several gift annuities.

“My college education was influential in helping me succeed,” said Rockstrom. “Donna and I just felt it right to provide support for students who need it.”

Like the Rockstroms, you too can invest in Gonzaga students. Contact Judy Rogers at or 800-388-0881 to explore ways you can make a difference with your support.