Marge and Steve Brenneke

Scholarships Launch A High-Flying Future

ScholarshipsSteve Brenneke (’67) knows how truly grateful Gonzaga University scholarship recipients are — he was one of them.

Those scholarships helped launch Brenneke toward his future as an orthopedic surgeon, husband, father, pilot and scholarship supporter. During his time at GU, Brenneke was lucky enough to land the one resident assistant position available at Gonzaga-in-Florence and spend a year abroad, expanding his perspective in what he called, “the most memorable year of my life.” 

Today, Brenneke and his wife Marge support scholarships at their alma maters. The Brennekes started two scholarships at GU with proceeds from an IRA: one for helping pre-med students and another to help students experience Gonzaga-in-Florence. In addition, they will add to these through a gift in their will. 

“We feel that our schools allowed us to be what we are today,” he said, “and that’s why we are giving back through a gift in our will. We want the students who receive our scholarships to go out into the world and do the same thing we did: give back.” 

Like the Brennekes, you too can impact the lives of Gonzaga students. Contact Judy Rogers at or 800-388-0881 to explore ways you can make a difference with a gift in your will.