Gratitude Before Graduation

We asked members of Gonzaga’s graduating class of 2017 what four years of scholarship support meant to them and their experience. Here are just some of their responses:

“The power of community and intentional giving is so powerful.” 

“Thank you for helping me finance my education. I would not have been a Zag otherwise.”

“My scholarship to Gonzaga from the University and donors is the reason I was able to come to GU. I am forever grateful for your giving!” – Jane, Class of 2017

“Thank you for making my four years possible. No amount of ‘thank yous’ will be enough.” 

“Getting a scholarship felt like Gonzaga wanted me to be there and that I would be valued as a student.” 

“Thank you for providing me with four years of education, spiritual growth and meaningful relationships!”

“It has given me the opportunity to be the first person in my family to graduate from college!”

“Getting a scholarship has not only allowed me to pursue my education but also to be part of an amazing community that has given me the best four years of my life.” 

“Thank you for your generosity! Because of the scholarships at Gonzaga I was able to study abroad and complete my degree in 4 years.”

“Thank you so much for supporting us Zags! We couldn’t do it without you. Forever grateful.” – A Future Zag Alum

“Thank you so much for your donation. You really helped me become the person I am today at Gonzaga and I hope to give back to the Gonzaga community as well.” 

“My scholarship to Gonzaga from the school, WSOS, generous donors and others has allowed me to finish college, secure a job, pursue my dreams and make plans to give back when I start my job. Thank you.”

“It was everything.”