Zag Scholarship Promise

Determined To Make A Difference

Joe Doria

Sponsored Zag Joe Doria (’21)

If there’s adventure to be had, Joe Doria (’21) is up for it. Armed with a video camera, Doria has skied, backpacked and biked all over his hometown of Yakima, Washington. He’s even parlayed his hobby for outdoor adventure videography into work experience, producing videos for several organizations, including the school district where he studied and his mother teaches music.

“I’ve been around music all my life,” says Doria, who also is a skilled flautist.

But this Jack-of-all-trades is here at Gonzaga with a purpose that goes beyond his artistic hobbies. Majoring in electrical engineering, Doria is passionate about renewable energy. It’s an interest, like his music and videos, in which he is totally immersed.  

“I’ve volunteered to help maintain and develop trail systems in Yakima, participated in environmental awareness, protection and restoration efforts, and have taught environmental education to grade-schoolers around the Yakima Valley,” he explains. “I want to make the world a better place.”

With his drive and Gonzaga education, Doria is poised to have a significant impact. The support he receives from the Zag Scholarship Fund ensures that he will.

“I’m here because of your generosity,” he says. “I’m here because the University believes we can change the world and contribute to the common good. This is a great school in terms of academics, service, and extra-curriculars — there’s no other place like it. Through your generosity, my scholarships are helping me dedicate my time to studying, serving and bettering my skills. I don’t know what I’d do without you!”

Doria’s story was featured in the Winter 2018 edition of Gonzaga Magazine, which features many stories demonstrating how your support for GU is making a difference.