Zag Scholarship Promise

First In Her Family And Fueled By A Fascination (And You)

Ximena Arellano

Sponsored Zag Ximena Arellano (’21)

Ximena Arellano (’21) was in middle school when she first visited Gonzaga University. Walking around campus, she fell in love with the Spokane weather, small class sizes and friendly campus.

“I could definitely see myself there,” she said.

But with two other siblings and parents who didn’t attend college, Gonzaga just didn’t seem like it was within her reach.

“My parents were both born in Mexico,” she explains. “They married and moved to the United States at a young age. No one in my family went to a university right out of high school — I’m the first.”

Your support for the Zag Scholarship Fund helped bring the dream of a Gonzaga degree back into Arellano’s sights.

“Your passion for the Zag experience and education makes this possible for me,” she says. “I’m so grateful to all who have donated to the Zag Scholarship Fund.”

Majoring in human physiology and minoring in Spanish, Arellano is now on her way to turning her fascination with the human body into a career as a physician’s assistant. Her scholarships also afford her the time to pursue other passions, like listening to music, volunteering through the Center for Community Engagement, and working as a lab assistant in the biology department.

Being that she’s only in her first year, she still has much to look forward to, like trying out for the rowing team and joining Black Student Union.

“I’m truly grateful for this opportunity,” she says.

Arellano’s story was featured in the Winter 2018 edition of Gonzaga Magazine, which features many stories demonstrating how your support for GU is making a difference.