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2nd Annual Leadership Studies Student Research Symposium

Posted by: JoAnn | February 28, 2014 | 1 Comment |

In case you have been out of electronic communication the past few weeks and are not aware of the upcoming symposium, DPLS wants to let you know of the following:

Doctoral students and candidates are invited to present posters or presentations at the 2nd Annual Leadership Studies Student Research Symposium. The theme this year is the Future of Leadership and the Symposium is scheduled for March 21 and 22. Just two of the many benefits for students who present are a) the opportunity to receive input on concepts or dissertation ideas from your peers and attending professors with diverse perspectives and b) loads of encouragement. We welcome distance students as well and have included in the schedule opportunities for virtual presentations.

We hope you will join us. For more information, please visit the following website  information: www.gonzaga.edu/leadershipsymposium

Although the symposium is the collaborative effort of several departments in the School of Professional Studies, Doctoral students and faculty are the support base. Please consider supporting the symposium by submitting a proposal for presentation and attending OR attending and supporting other students.

Symposium Committee

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Please register me for the symposium as both a speaker and an attendee.

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