Scholarships in Action

Bryanna Gondeiro

Bryanna Gondeiro is the first from her family not only to attend Gonzaga, but also will be the first to graduate from college. Scholarships like the Gerald R. McFaul Memorial Scholarship allow for amazing and inspiring students to attend Gonzaga and enrich our world. Read on to learn more about the McFaul Scholarship recipient Bryanna Gondeiro. You can also support scholarships at Gonzaga with an online gift:


Bryanna is the perfect match for the McFaul Scholarship’s focus on students who come to Gonzaga from small communities in the Pacific Northwest.  “My hometown is beyond small. I grew up on a ranch, so I wouldn’t even say I lived in a town, much less a city. The nearest town, Raynesford, Montana, probably has a total population of 100 people, and they are spread out for many miles because most are ranchers. I think our family makes up half the population; no joke! The community is close knit and everyone knows everything about everyone. There is no need for newspapers, because we would know the information well before the newspaper could print it!”

“I attended school about 15 miles from my home in Belt, which has a population of about 1,500. I graduated with only 35 other students, and I was valedictorian of my class. I love my hometown because it is like a giant family. Everyone cares about everyone else and is so supportive.”

Bryanna is the first from her family not only to attend Gonzaga, but also will be the first to graduate from college. She chose Gonzaga because it is small, private, and academically rigorous. “I plan to attend law school and I knew that GU would provide a challenging academic experience. Professors know you by name, and treat you almost like family. Also, GU has a strong reputation for preparing students for graduate school; law schools look at your undergraduate work. Finally, GU also is relatively close to home, and I love Spokane.”

She is pursuing a degree in Journalism with a minor in Political Science. “I chose Journalism because law school advisors say that this major will help because you write a lot. They also tell you to pick a major that interests you, just in case you do not attend law school (that way you have something to fall back on). Journalism also helps to get at social justice problems in our society today. I can use my writing to uncover injustices and to make individuals more aware of the problems. I chose Political Science to help me prepare more fully for law school.”