ZagTag Winning the Brackets!

The Gonzaga Women’s Basketball Team is playing their way to a championship! But, they are not the only ones participating in a game…ZagTag is sweeping the Zag nation!

Zags everywhere are being tagged to pass on their generosity and pay forward a Gonzaga education. This year alone, there was a necessary eight percent increase in overall financial aid disbursed. With only a couple of months to go in the fiscal year, Gonzaga is asking for your support to student scholarships by May 31st to ensure students are able to access and complete a Gonzaga education.

Dr. Peggy Sue Loroz, an alumnae and Associate Professor of Marketing in Gonzaga’s School of Business, graduated from Gonzaga in 1995, where she received her Bachelor of Business Administration. Peggy Sue represents what a true Zag is all about. Having been involved with athletics, study-abroad and campus ministries, just to name a few, Dr. Loroz took advantage of developing her whole-self during her years at Gonzaga.

Watch the video below to hear from Dr. Loroz, on how she is taking on the ZagTag challenge. Dr. Loroz is not the only Zag supporting the ZagTag challenge, visit to learn how others in the Gonzaga community are taking on the challenge!

YouTube Preview Image

That’s why Peggy Sue Loroz gives back to Gonzaga, and now she tags YOU!
“Zag, you’re it!”

So, while you cheer loudly for our basketball team, also take a moment to support students off the court with scholarships. Give online today at