This is the Year … To Meet the Challenge

Gonzaga’s 125th Anniversary has been filled with celebrations, some commemorating meaningful milestones and others honoring treasured traditions. Now the celebration includes a challenge.

In honor of Gonzaga’s momentous achievement, the Board of Regents, dedicated volunteers who serve as an advisory board to the University’s president and trustees, has issued the 125th Anniversary Challenge. The Board of Regents will match any gift made to the Fund for Gonzaga, up to $125,000. The Fund for Gonzaga supports the highest priorities of the University and guarantees that a rigorous academic experience, steeped in Jesuit tradition, is provided to all students regardless of their financial circumstances.

So, what can gifts to the Fund for Gonzaga do? Well …

•    $25 can purchase plant specimens for biology research
•    $50 can provide financial aid for a student’s living expenses
•    $125 can send four freshmen on their first spiritual retreat
•    $500 can cover the average cost of textbooks for one semester

Most importantly, though, the Fund for Gonzaga provides critical scholarship dollars so that all talented and deserving students can access and complete the exemplary Jesuit education offered by Gonzaga. These are the students, the educated and service-minded individuals, who will be best equipped to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. That is why this is the year to accept the 125th Anniversary Challenge and make a gift online today.