Lisha Sosa ('14)

Lisha Sosa

Lisha Sosa (’14) is a long way from home. While attending junior college in Belize, she was awarded a scholarship and the choice of three Jesuit universities in the United States at which she could pursue an undergraduate degree: Gonzaga University, Loyola University in Maryland and St. Louis University. Lisha had friends at both Loyola and St. Louis, and Spokane had a climate that was the least similar of the three to what she was accustomed. So, what was it that made her choose Gonzaga?

“According to my research, Gonzaga was the only university that I had to choose from that had an ABET-accredited Civil Engineering program. This factor was most important to me and at that instant, I knew that it would be worth the sacrifices that I would have to make,” said Lisha.

Her inspiration to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering comes from a desire to make her home a better place. She has dreams of influencing positive changes that could ultimately pave the way for future generations in Belize.

“The training I have acquired at Gonzaga has prepared me to be able to work anywhere in the world; however, I have a preference for going back to Belize, where I think I can make my biggest contribution,” she said. Contributing to the community is something Lisha holds close to her heart, and she expressed gratitude for the opportunities for community service that she found at Gonzaga,

“I think it comes from my appreciation of God’s blessings to me and from the values that have been instilled in me both at home and the Catholic schools that I have attended. I believe that it is in giving that we receive, and it makes me feel good when I am able to make a contribution for the betterment of society.”

After graduation in the Spring of 2014, Lisha is considering graduate school. She is also thinking about joining the workforce for a year to gain additional experience and contemplate the best field of study for her, should she decide to pursue further education.

As far as Lisha may be from home, her experience at Gonzaga has helped to make the world a little smaller and more accessible.

“Before I came to Gonzaga, the world seemed to be a huge globe made up of a whole lot of unreachable places.  Now, it doesn’t seem so huge and certainly the places, I realize, are all reachable.” In addition to transforming her global perspective, Gonzaga has also transformed Lisha’s notion of what “home” really is.

“Gonzaga is not only my school, it is now my home,” she said, adding that “the most beautiful things Gonzaga has led me to are my friendships. Because of these friendships I know I can one day pack my things and go to Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Iraq… and have more than just a place to stay. I’ll have family.”

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