Mail Call!

Have you ever received a postcard, a letter or other piece of mail from Gonzaga University about giving? If so, you’re not alone. Gonzaga sends out thousands of those every year to help remind alumni, parents and friends of the University about our need for support of annual funds.

What are annual funds?

Annual funds are one-time-use funds that can go toward everything that enhances students’ experiences. Gonzaga has great programs, but these funds can take them to the next level. The funds help the University to provide the outstanding extra-curricular opportunities that truly round out a student’s experience and make Gonzaga unique. They differ from endowed funds, which are invested and then only a percentage of the investment’s growth is spent each year so that the fund can last in perpetuity — once an annual fund is used, it’s gone. That means that each year, Gonzaga tries to “refill” these annual funds. The hope is that alumni, parents, friends, faculty and staff will show support for the University by chipping in to make sure the support for programs, extra-curricular activities, scholarships and other funds can be available year after year.

Annual gifts are welcomed in any amount you feel comfortable contributing. What’s great about the small gifts is that regardless of the size of the gift, your participation counts for something, too. The percentage of alumni and parents who give to Gonzaga gets factored into some of the University’s rankings. Of course, larger gifts help GU get even closer to refilling those annual funds but every little bit makes a big difference for Gonzaga.

I see new buildings and hear about other generous gifts – why does Gonzaga ask for annual gifts, too?

Gonzaga is fortunate enough to have some very generous donors who have great visions for the University’s future. These gifts are very impactful but also very specific, which means the other needs that can be fulfilled by annual gifts are still present.

How can I make a gift?

There are several ways you can give to Gonzaga’s annual fund:

  • Give securely online at
  • Give when you receive a call from the students working for Gonzaga’s telefund.
  • Give via check through the mail by using the business reply envelope that comes in the piece of mail you received from Gonzaga asking for a gift or by sending it to:

Gonzaga University
Development Office
502 E. Boone Ave
Spokane, WA 99258-0098

No matter which method you choose, you can designate a particular area for your gift to support or you can leave it as “unrestricted,” which allows University leadership to immediately put your gift to use where it’s needed most.

So, the next time you get something in the mail from Gonzaga asking for your support, please consider pitching in. The exemplary Jesuit education that Gonzaga is known for is made possible in large part by the gifts that come in response to these mailings. GU is very grateful for each and every donor who supports the University.