Little Zag, Big Impact

image2Jacob Keyes is a very unique Spokane author. His book, The Little Zag’s Welcome to Gonzaga Basketball! was published when he was just 13 years old. 162 pages full of history, trivia, photographs and much more, Keyes’ book is a comprehensive, educational and entertaining read, but it is also part of something much bigger – a Gonzaga scholarship.

Keyes comes from a family full of Zags (his parents are both Gonzaga School of Law graduates – J. Michael Keyes (’97, JD) and Theresa Keyes (’94, JD) – and several other family members also attended GU), so it made sense for the book’s profits to be donated to the University.

LittleZag“Our whole family talked about it and thought it would be a great idea,” said the young author of the decision to start the scholarship fund. “Since I received tons of help from the Gonzaga community, I thought it would be a great idea to give back and acknowledge all those who helped me with this project.” The Little Zag’s Welcome to Gonzaga University Basketball Scholarship is aimed at helping students with financial need attend GU.image3

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