Sweet As Pi

Gonzaga nursing major and sponsored Zag, Holly Ebel (’20), finds joy in serving the community through Saturday morning math tutoring. She works with local children who need homework help and discovered that the kids were happy to be doing math on their weekends. 

Her experience there provided her with a Gonzaga memory that has turned out to be one of her favorites. A young boy was being tutored by one of her peers and had just learned about pi. 

“Pi stands for 3.1415926…it’s the ratio of the circumference and diameter of a circle,” the tutor explained. 

“Okay, but what does cake stand for?” the young boy asked. 

“It was so funny and cute!” Ebel recalled. 

Moments like these are what make the Gonzaga experience unique, and for many Zags just like Ebel, none of it would be possible without the generosity of people just like you. 

“My scholarship allows me to be part of a loving community,” said Ebel. “My whole family is proud. We are incredibly grateful. With your help, I am where I am supposed to be, growing as a leader in this inspiring, amazing Gonzaga community.”