San Francisco Trek Experience

Experience one of Gonzaga’s Career Treks through the eyes of Public Relations major, and Gonzaga senior, Emily Piskulick. Emily feels that treks have something to offer everyone, and would encourage all students to participate in one.

Top 10 Ways Your Student Can Save the World

Earth Day is on April 22nd this year, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be mindful of it every other day! Below are ten tips that can easily be made into habits, and will ultimately benefit the environment. What could be better?!

2014-2015 Financial Aid Award

The Financial Aid Awards for 2014-2015 are now available. Students were emailed a notice prompting them to view and accept or decline their award on ZagWeb.

Social Justice Missioning

Over the course of your student’s collegiate career, Gonzaga University has been developing him or her for a life of service and leadership for the common good.

Study Abroad Sponsored Programs

Recently, I was in Florence visiting faculty at Gonzaga-in-Florence (GIF). In one of our meetings, the faculty questioned why the number of students coming to Florence had decreased in the last few years, and why the Study Abroad Office was promoting other programs.

Upcoming Events

Vaccinations for Travel

Is your son or daughter planning to study abroad? Are you planning a family trip outside of the United States? Now is a great time to double-check that everyone is up to date on vaccinations.

Virtual Campus

Graduation is right around the corner. The cap and gown are ordered, and it’s time for your college graduate to start their dream job… right? Perhaps not quite. That’s okay. Don’t panic…at least not yet!

April is Financial Literacy Month

In honor of Financial Literacy Month, we are encouraging students to become more financially savvy with some free online tools. Help us by engaging your students in conversations about finances.

Summer Student Employment

Students who will be in Spokane over summer, whether taking classes or not, can apply for Summer Federal (on-campus) or State (off-campus) work study. The process is very quick but is separate from the academic year.

Gonzaga Tartan Revealed!

The official Gonzaga Tartan has been chosen! The newest trademark of the university is represented in the plaid design which embodies Gonzaga’s rich history and traditions. Merchandise will be available soon; stay tuned to hear how you can wear your legacy!