How involved Should Your Student Be?

It is likely that one of the reasons your student chose Gonzaga was because it is a bustling and busy campus – there is a lot to do! As such, I am frequently asked “how many hours should my student be involved?” While every student is unique and thrives differently, here are some guidelines to help you talk to them about their time-management.

Letting Go

Letting Go is about exactly that, letting go. At the least, it is about letting go of your child as they go off to college and honestly begin their adventure of self discovery and development. At the deeper level, it is about how you as parents, you as a family, decide how you are going to handle this new stage of life.

Changes Ahead: Things to Know About Schedules

While summers may seem like a quiet time here at Gonzaga, they are in fact some of the busiest months here in the Office of Academic Advising and Assistance! The advisors carefully construct all of our incoming freshman schedules and make any necessary adjustments during the month of August.

Jesuit Education 101

Welcome to the Gonzaga family! Whether you are new to Jesuit education, new to GU, or a veteran Zag, we invite you to experience the unique heritage of our institution. The first Jesuit school opened in 1548. Since then that number has grown to 1,000 schools across the globe, touching millions of lives—from every background—through education and service. This is an amazing feat, especially since the first Jesuits never imagined it!

FAQ’s for Parent and Family Orientation

Answering questions you might have about Parent and Family Orientation.

New Families – Stay connected and register for Orientation

Learn how to stay connected with the Parents & Family Office during Orientation.

Is Your Student’s Financial Aid Package Ready for School?

To help ensure students have a smooth transition into school, we have developed a checklist of helpful reminders for Financial Aid and Student Accounts.

Introducing Tech Features at Hemmingson Center

Hello new and returning Zag families! Welcome to the John J. Hemmingson Center, where GU’s history comes to life and you can explore what the future holds for Gonzaga. We invite you to help us make history as we open our doors to students, families and the community for the very first time this fall!

Career Development Begins Now!

As summer is winding down (where did it go?!) and you start to think about bringing your Zag to campus—whether for the first time or the fourth time—I want to remind you of the importance of including career development in your conversations with your student.

Will Your Student Need a Job in the Fall?

One of the fallacies students and parents bring to college is that students won’t have time to work, or that working will interfere with academics. In actuality, working up to about 15 hours per week can positively contribute to a student’s investment in staying in college and graduating.  So, instead of interfering, working is what students ought to be doing.

Is Your Student’s Financial Aid Package Ready for School?

To help ensure students have a smooth transition into school, we have developed a checklist of helpful reminders for Financial Aid and Student Accounts.

Welcome to Health & Counseling Services

Health & Counseling Services functions as a private physician’s office and counseling center just for Gonzaga students. The Health & Counseling Services staff have a strong focus on wellness and want our students to fully benefit from Gonzaga’s Jesuit education.

Fridge Rental Program

Why haul a fridge from home, when you can rent it?

Residence Hall Linens

New students always seem to bring too much for their room. Some items are essential, others are nice to have. One item that is important to reserve now is linens. Regular sheets won’t fit our specially sized beds. Our beds are longer than beds at home.

On-Campus Live-In Staff: Who’s Who and What’s What?

The Study Abroad Office Moved to Hemmingson

Study Abroad has been a department in the Center for Global Engagement for several years. The Center for Global Engagement consists of the English Language Center, International Student and Scholar Services, and the Study Abroad Office. The Center was created about four years ago to centralize all international operations and to focus Gonzaga’s international strategy.

Traffic Considerations for Move-In Day at Gonzaga

Friday, August 28th is the first day freshmen can move into residence halls. Four major changes in traffic flow on the University campus will allow easy access for unloading and parking.

Fall Family Weekend!

Mark your student’s first six weeks at college with a visit! Come sample a slice of campus life during Fall Family Weekend (FFW), October 9-11.

Simple Solutions- Food Allergies, Intolerances & Diets

According to the Food Allergy Research and Education Organization, 15 million people in the United States have food allergies. Is your student one of them? No need to fear, Zag Dining by Sodexo is here! We provide full healthy meals that fit your student’s individual needs.

How to Zag Workshops

We hope that your students are excited to begin their orientation process at Gonzaga University! Orientation will be an amazing whirlwind of making new friends, collecting information, and getting comfortable in the residence halls. It can seem like information overload!