My Gift; A Reflection from a Zag Employee and Zag Mom

Before we could walk into the Hemmingson Center, a young lady popped up alongside my son.


Trustees and Regents Want to Meet Your Zag

The Trustees and Regents will be on campus this month for their quarterly meeting and they would like to meet current Zags and share some career advice with them.


Supporting Students Through Homesickness

Your student has been welcomed into a new community, are now living with a roommate, are prepping for college-level courses, and are spending more time away from home. While these all create new and exciting opportunities for your student, these changes also add challenges as they adjust to college.


Health & Counseling Support Groups

Health & Counseling Services is excited to inform you of a few of our fall 2018 support groups for GU students!


FREE Self Defense Classes for Students

Students regularly walk thru campus at night after class or studying as well as off campus in the Logan neighborhood to go home or visit with friends. Staying aware of their surroundings is important and a few defense moves adds to the confidence of staying safe.


Welcome from DICE (Diversity, Inclusion, Community, & Equity) and Fall 2018 Calendar of Events

All of us in DICE have an exciting and busy semester planned!


Empowering Students to Become Active and Independent Learners in their own Academic Success

The Center for Student Academic Success (CSAS) is here to provide a few resources that may help your busy student with their demanding schedule. Within CSAS is the Learning Strategies Management (LSM) office.


The Power of a Liberal Arts Degree

…many of the liberal arts majors I speak with share that they believe or have been told by others that majoring in a liberal art is not valuable, practical, or employable in “the real world.” With respect to those students and their confidants – and despite the fact that I was a liberal arts major and consider the topic with some pretty implicit bias – they’re wrong.


An Orientation Recap from First Year Experience Programs

Orientation Weekend was full of excitement, as we welcomed your students into our Zag family.


A Full Hemmingson Center for Orientation & Upcoming Events

The Hemmingson Center was full of smiles and excitement as students began to tour the variety of dining options and meeting spaces. The John J. Hemmingson Center is a place that makes an effort to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere to all. It is the perfect place for students to eat, study, meet friends, have club or organization meetings, and relax!