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Classes are now in full swing! Students are starting to settle in to new schedules and have an understanding for what kind of attention each of their courses will need. The Center for Student Academic Success (CSAS) is here to provide a few resources that may help your busy student with their demanding schedule. Within CSAS is the Learning Strategies Management (LSM) office. LSM employs two professional Strategic Learning Specialists, runs academic workshops, oversees the Digital Learning Studio as well as a tutoring and peer mentoring program.

Strategic Learning Specialists
Learning Specialists meet one-on-one with students to help with fine-tuning or implementing academic strategies. They work with students to push them to create individualized plans that help to reach their goals – academic or other. Some common topics of exploration are time management, goal setting, study strategies, testing strategies, and accountability.

They also create and facilitate on-campus workshops. Workshops are presented in a small group format to encourage student participation. Each workshop is designed with learning outcomes that empower students to use new skills or tools in their academic lives. In addition to the Workshops outlined on the website, Learning Strategies Management can create a custom workshop on student, staff or faculty request. Topics cover a wide range of metacognitive and study skills. Below are examples of past workshops:

  • Organization
  • Planning and Prioritizing
  • Combating Procrastination
  • Goal Setting
  • Study and Test Strategies
  • Midterm and Finals Preparation and Planning

Digital Learning Studio
The Learning Strategists also oversee the Digital Learning Studio. The Digital Learning Studio offers strategies and worksheets relating to organization, time management, study strategies, and more. This is the first stop for students who are feeling like they are not achieving the academic success that they want. To preview the materials below, click on the links below.

Tutoring and Peer Mentoring (Learning Studio, Foley 123)
If your student has checked out the Digital Learning Studio and has determined they need more help in a content specific area, then Gonzaga has multiple opportunities to get that content specific help. The first thing to do is to go to their instructor’s office hours (if their office hours conflict with another scheduled course, it is okay to email their instructor asking to meet at another time). If your student feels they are in need of tutoring for a specific course check out our Department Group Tutoring page. Here you will find all the departments on campus that provide set hours of tutoring to their students. If your students’ needs can’t be met with the department tutoring groups, or they feel they need something more individualized, they can check out the Learning Studio for free one-on-one tutoring and academic mentoring. If they have already looked into all the resources and haven’t found what they are looking for, they can fill out a tutor request form and LSM will help find the content support your student is looking for.

Every day our staff works for the goal of “Empowering Students to become Active and Independent Learners in their own Academic Success.” We welcome all newcomers to the GU community and welcome back all of the returning families! Here’s to a great year everyone and we look forward to working with you!

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