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By: Michelle Wheatley

Each year, more than 1500 students participate in a University Ministry retreat, liturgy or program in response to Gonzaga’s challenge to pursue excellence in all areas of life.  These students, guided by Gonzaga’s distinctive mission to educate the whole person, seek to integrate spirituality with their desire to serve others and discover their life’s vocation.

University Ministry’s mission is to support the faith development of all students, regardless of religious affiliation and tradition.  In particular, we provide resources for spiritual growth and fellowship through retreats, service projects, liturgies, music ministry, Christian Life Communities (CLCs), Theology on Tap, spiritual direction, residence hall programs and more.  These activities offer students a more mature understanding of Gonzaga’s Jesuit and Catholic identity as well as a deeper respect for other religious traditions.

As students progress in their Gonzaga career, they encounter increasing opportunities for leadership and employment within University Ministry.  Most commonly, students serve as retreat leaders, a position which entails preparing a talk on a spiritual theme and facilitating conversations with a small group during the retreat weekend.  Students also serve as Sacristans, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Acolytes and musicians at student liturgies.  Others live and provide hospitality in Faber House, University Ministry’s retreat preparation headquarters.  Still others take on roles in the Christian Life Community (CLC) program and other initiatives.

Each of the ways that students get involved in University Ministry prepares them to become “contemplatives in action.”  Through reflection, personal discovery, prayer, fellowship, leadership, education and formation, University Ministry seeks to prepare students for a fulfilling life in service of others for the “praise, reverence, and service of God.”

For more information about University Ministry, please explore our website at www.gonzaga.edu/um, visit our office in Crosby Student Center, or call at (509) 313-4242.

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