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Are you already curious (or concerned) about how you can help your Gonzaga student plan for a career after graduation? You’re not alone! The Gonzaga University Career Center and the award-winning Gonzaga Alumni Mentoring Program (GAMP) are ready to welcome freshmen and their parents. Please partner with us as we guide your GU student through their career exploration and development.

At the Career Center, your student can access services like career fairs, resume and cover letter writing workshops, job postings, and an etiquette dinner. There are so many opportunities to make connections with other students, alumni and employers. Let the networking begin!

You will be hearing from the Career Center on the Gonzaga Freshmen Parent and Family Adviser or at the Web site throughout the year. Meanwhile, here are five quick tips for you to begin helping your student achieve career success:

  1. Remind your student to take an active role in the process of making career decisions. It’s OK to support and challenge but don’t over-manage. It’s their process!
  2. Emphasize the importance and value of internship experience
  3. Encourage extracurricular involvement
  4. Advise students to develop and update their resume as they go through college
  5. Teach the value of networking

Your son or daughter should understand that there are many experiences, ideas, tools, resources, programs, activities and services that make up their college experience. Don’t worry… and don’t wait to encourage your student to get involved with the Career Center. It’s never too early to start!

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