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Did you know that students who work part time on campus are likely to have a higher GPA? It’s true! Students who work are more organized and can prioritize their responsibilities better. They can also help with the financial investment of their education.

Two types of job opportunities are available to incoming freshmen:

1) Jobs for students who are awarded Federal Work Study (as indicated on their Financial Aid award letter). Stop by the Student Employment Office for a list of positions for which you may apply. You will have a job.

2) All enrolled students are eligible to apply for on-campus “institutional positions.” These positions are offered by a number of departments/offices on campus.

There are many more students looking for institutional jobs than there are jobs to fill. These jobs go quickly!

Looking for and securing these jobs should be done within the first couple of weeks of the school year. It’s not too early to nudge your student to take advantage of his/her Federal Work Study opportunity or to find an Institutional job on campus. Check our Web site.

Working on campus means hiring paperwork must be completed. First-time workers must fill out the following:

  • W-4 form.
  • I-9 form. This requires original documents which the students must have with them when they fill out the paperwork. Documents are to verify identity and employment eligibility. Acceptable documents are: Social Security card OR a certified copy of birth certificate PLUS photo ID (GU ID or driver’s license). A passport will satisfy both identity and employment eligibility.
  • Direct deposit paperwork. All students are paid via direct deposit to their own bank accounts. Payroll will need each student worker’s bank name, bank routing number, and bank account number.

The Student Employment Office will hold a Job Fair on Monday, Aug. 31, from noon-2 p.m. in Cataldo Hall.

Contact us in the Student Employment Office if you have questions: (509) 313-6588 or 1 800 793-1716 ext. 6588, or via e-mail to Tana Dugan at dugan@gonzaga.edu.

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