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Has your student been awarded State Work Study?  State Work Study (SWS) is a financial aid award that allows students to earn money while gaining experience in jobs off campus in their field of study.  We all know that getting a job right out of college can be difficult.  SWS provides students with an opportunity to build their resume and experience, making them more marketable post-graduation.  Gaining work experience off campus will give your student the edge they need when entering the workforce.

Students must be awarded SWS though the financial aid process, so be sure to file a FAFSA each year by the February 1st priority deadline.  Earnings through SWS do not count as income on next year’s FAFSA, resulting in more financial aid for the student.  Having been awarded SWS does not guarantee your student a job.  SWS operates on a first-come, first-served basis, as funds are limited; we encourage students to begin looking for jobs as early as the end of August for the academic year.  Eligibility questions should be directed to the student’s financial aid counselor.

We want to offer your students every opportunity to get ahead while they are in school.  Students who work are more organized and can prioritize their responsibilities better.  Working also makes economic sense.  Any money that can be put toward tuition now, that takes the place of yet another loan, means less money that will have to be paid back later!  Who knew working part-time, off campus, could be so helpful?

How does your student find a State Work Study job?

Students can view all approved SWS positions online on Gonzaga’s SWS Job Board.  Positions are listed by “Job Type” and by “Employer Name.”  Students will contact employers they are interested in working for directly, letting them know that they are a State Work Study student from Gonzaga and that they are interested in the SWS position they saw posted for their company.  The employer will then set up an interview with the student; if it is a good fit, they will fill out the necessary paperwork to begin working.

Once students have located a job they will turn in a SWS Hire form to the Student Employment office (this form is sent out to students at the end of summer, or they can pick one up in the Student Employment office when they arrive on campus).  The SWS Hire form serves as a contract, notifying our office that the student has found a SWS job and, if funds are still available, secures their space in the program.

State Work Study is a great way to help your students continue to be successful while they are in school and beyond.  Please send your students to Student Employment, located in College Hall-Room 126, if they are looking for a job or have questions about the State Work Study program.  Within the limitations that exist, we will do everything we can to get them working and feeling supported.

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