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Does your student receive assistance from a counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, or any other medical professional?  Many families decide that once their student goes off to college they will no longer need the services of these specialists.  This is not the case.  Going off to college is an exciting time, but it can quickly become a stressful adjustment.  Your student will have a new residence, a small shared living space, new diet, new schedule, and possibly even a new climate.  Any one of these can make for a tough adjustment- try putting them all together at once!  It is best to find a medical professional in advance that specializes in the same area as your person at home.  Waiting until your son or daughter is in crisis will worsen the situation- and could result in unnecessary illness, hospitalizations, withdrawal from classes, and even disciplinary action.  Be proactive!  Specialists in Spokane can have a 3-6 week waiting period.  Now is the time to start finding someone to meet your son or daughter’s needs. Ask your current professional if they can help you find a similar specialist in Spokane.  Find out if they will offer a complimentary phone consult.  If you have further questions, or are not sure where to start, please contact the DREAM office at 313-4134 or disability@gonzaga.edu.

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