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For the 2011-12 housing selection process for returning residents, students are assigned a category based on their status with respect to the residency requirement. Students who will be 21 years of age by August 1, 2011 or will have 4 terms of on-campus living experience [1] are assigned to the “Upper Division Returner” category [2]. The rest are assigned to the “Lower Division Returner” category. Students in the “Upper Division Returner” category are not guaranteed on-campus living [3], but those in the “Lower Division Returner” category are.

The housing selection process begins in January with submittal of an application through the “on-line” ZagLiving portal. The applications will be due at the end of January. After the due date, the applications in each category are randomly ordered. This random order will determine when students may make their selection during each step in the process. Applications received after the due date, regardless of reason, will be placed at the “end of the line”.

Students in the “Upper Division Returner” category will make their room selection in February and those in the “Lower Division Returner” category in March. The room selection process [4] varies between categories.  For instance, the process for the “Upper Division Returners” includes two steps: 1) same apartment, and 2) open apartment. The process for “Lower Division Returners” includes: 1) same room, 2) same building/different room, 3) open apartment, 4) open suite, and 5) open room. Note: The living and learning communities in Coughlin Hall require a supplemental application.  Housing and Residence Life selects those who may participate in the theme communities and assign specific rooms.

As mentioned above, the applications are ranked in random order after the due date.  This random order is used to establish a specific time block during which applicants may make their selection. For instance, the first ten applicants may be granted access from 4 pm to 10 pm, the next ten from 4:10 pm to 10 pm, and so on. The number of applicants in each time block as well as the duration and frequency of the time blocks may vary depending on the specific selection step. Each applicant eligible to participate in a specific step is notified in advance of their time block via email.

During their assigned time block, applicants may access Zag Living to make their selection and possibly their roommate/suitemate/apartmentmate room selections [5]. Only available rooms [6] are displayed, so if a building is full, then no rooms will be available for selection. All room selections (individual and on behalf of a roommate/suitemate/apartmentmate) must be confirmed by the end of the step (in the example above, 10 pm). Otherwise, all risk losing their room selections.

Once an applicant selects a room (or roommate selects for them), they are finished in the process and cannot participate further. For instance, if an applicant elects to return to their same (current 2010-11)  room for 2011-12, then they will not be able to select an another room during the same building/different room or later steps. Due to the complexities of the process, an applicant is not allowed to “hedge their bet” by selecting a room and then trying to “upgrade” during a later step.

The specific policies that will apply to the room selection process will be sent to applicants in advance. These policies will also be posted on the GU web site [7]. Any questions may be directed to the Housing Office (509-313-4103 or housing@gonzaga.edu).

[1] Including the spring semester term and terms at other institutions but not including summer sessions.

[2] Even though the categories include the terms “Upper Division” and “Lower Division”, the residency requirement is independent of class standing.

[3] http://www.gonzaga.edu/Student-Life/Residence-Life-and-Dining-Services/On-Campus-Living/On-Campus-Housing-Not-Guaranteed-for-All-4-Years.asp

[4] The 2011-12 process is not finalized and may vary from the description.

[5] Applicants need to mutually request and accept preferred roommates in advance on their application.  Otherwise, they will not be able to select a room for their roommate/suitemate/apartment-mate during the selection step.

[6] Since GU expects that housing will fill to capacity for 2011-12, the gender of the rooms available for “Lower Davison Returners” is set in advance. Therefore, it is possible for a building to “fill” for one gender before the other.

[7] http://www.gonzaga.edu/Student-Life/Residence-Life-and-Dining-Services/On-Campus-Living/Room-Selection-Process-for-Returning-Residents.asp

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