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Heating Up The Academics

Your student is probably tired of winter – we sure are.  As we wait for spring’s arrival, you might encourage your student to shake off the chill by heating up their academic efforts.  Try suggesting some of these ideas now, to help their academic life blossom this spring semester.

Navigating Your Way to Better Academic Performance

  • Is your student struggling in a course?  You might suggest these remedies:
    • Try different study strategies.  We have gathered a few different tips and tools that can help your student form either better or new study habits. Find this, and more, on our website.
    • First, talk to the professor.  Make an appointment to see him or her during office hours to go over course material, get clarification on a concept or assignment, gain better understanding of course material, or to go over recent exams and quizzes to learn from mistakes.
    • Ask the professor about tutoring services, if extra help is needed.  Click here for a list of organized free tutoring and extra help (Writing Center and Mathematics Lab) services on our website.
    • Need more one-on-one help?  Consider signing up for the Tutoring for Academic Success, that may connect your student with a peer tutor for individual support aimed to help in specific classes (based on availability of tutors).  There is a charge for this individualized service, but we do offer financial assistance for those who qualify.  Click here to learn more about the Tutoring program, or call 509-313-4036 to speak to the program coordinator.

In Search of the Elusive Major

  • Is your student wandering through their spring semester, searching for a major?  We can help with that too!
    • It’s okay to be undecided.  The best way to learn about majors that may be of interest is through exploratory advising.  Send your student to Academic Services, College Hall 326, to schedule an appointment with an advisor today to start the conversation.
    • The Counseling Center, located in College Hall 303, offers a variety of personal inventory tools designed to help students narrow down career and major choices by matching their interests and personality type.
    • The Career Center, located in Crosby 211, offers career counseling, resume and interview preparation work-shops, as well as an online tool, called ZagTrax, which puts students in touch with potential employers.  They too can assist students with finding a career that best suits their skill set.

In March: Midterm exams take place, followed by a well-deserved spring break.  When your student returns to campus, mid-term grades and summer session registration will be waiting for them.  We will send you more information about what mid-term grades mean, action steps your student can take to improve grades, and prepare you with information about summer registration, too.  If you have questions before then, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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