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Gonzaga Student Body Association distributes 500 blinking red lights this week

With recent concern for pedestrian student safety, the Gonzaga Student Body Association (GSBA) will distribute 500 blinking red pedestrian safety lights to students residing off campus this Thursday, March 17th, and Friday, March 18th, between the hours of 12:15 and 1:00pm.

GSBA will distribute these lights at seven of the most prominent crosswalks used by students traveling off campus; namely those located on the intersections of Sharp and Cincinnati, Sharp and Dakota, Sharp and Standard, Sharp and Addison, Sharp and Astor, Sharp and Lidgerwood, Sharp and Hamilton and Hamilton and DeSmet.

Several members of GSBA, as well as officials from Campus Security and constituents of the Off-Campus Housing Coalition will be present and actively distributing the blinking lights.

The Gonzaga Student Body Association, Gonzaga University’s student led and funded leadership team, sees great benefit in funding this project. “Something needs to be done in response to the concern for student safety,” GSBA Vice President, Shea Vincent, said. “We hope that the blinking red lights will be an obvious indicator to oncoming traffic, forcing divers to slow down and look for people crossing the road.

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  1. i also recommend and thank the association for this great work. really pedestrians find a lot of problems on the road yet the zebra crossing lines are not found every where. these blinking lights will be very significant. hoping to share more about the idea and even more application of these blinkers.