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Getting involved is not just something we talk about here at Gonzaga, it is what are students do.  They get involved.  One of the main ways students get involved is by joining and/or forming student clubs and organizations.  Currently Gonzaga has over 100 recognized student clubs and organizations that cover a wide array of interests and passions.  Our clubs include sports, hobbies, arts, political, awareness, cultural, religious and service oriented clubs.   This past year our clubs provided over 350 leadership opportunities within the clubs and over 700 events to their members and/or the Gonzaga community.  Our clubs do amazing things on and off campus.  Joining clubs is also a great way to meet new people and make new friends.   To find out more about our clubs please visit our Community website at www.gonzaga.edu/community.  From this site you can check out our clubs, see what we have to offer and even contact them via e-mail.  Students can login to the site using their Gonzaga username and password and this gives them access to join clubs and find out about actual meetings, events and programs our clubs have scheduled.  So if you son or daughter has current hobbies or interests, or they are looking to find something new to learn and get involved with this site is the first place to stop and check out even before their arrival at Gonzaga.  In addition to our clubs many other departments and programs list their activities and ways for involvement on this site.  New clubs are also added every year, depending on the interests and passions of our students.  To learn more about clubs or how to  form a new club they can contact the GSBA Clubs Office at gsba-clubs@zagmail.gonzaga.edu (509) 313-4087 or the Office of Student Activities at studentactivities@gonzaga.edu (509) 313-4069.

Additionally on September 15 the Office of Student Activities and the Gonzaga Student Body Association will be sponsoring the annual Club & Community Fair from 10am-2pm out in front of the Crosby Student Center.  This is the one opportunity to meet all our clubs in person and ask them what they are doing and how they might get involved.  There will also be locoal businesses and organizations available to show off their services or other opportunities for involvement in the Spokane Community.  Please encourage your son or daughter to visit the Community website and check out the Club & Community Fair.

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