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Parents and their students should be discussing now whether getting a job is an expectation or not.  There is a myth about students being too busy to work, or that working might interfere with their academics.  The opposite is actual true.  Students who work 10-12 hours a week, especially on campus, are often better students, more invested in their education and more community oriented.

We, at the Student Employment Office, are anxious to welcome incoming students to campus and help them with work related issues.  We can anticipate some of your questions and want to take this time to clarify how getting a job works.  The most basic questions are about the procedure for getting a job and what paperwork is necessary.

What kind of job can my student get?

1)  Federal Work Study (FWS): Based on financial need as determined by the FAFSA  and are jobs on campus.

2)  Institutional:  Open to any Gonzaga student, is department funded and are jobs on campus.

3) State Work Study (SWS): Based on financial need as determined by the FAFSA and are jobs off campus.

When will job lists be available? Job lists will be available on August 15.  For FWS and SWS check our website at   www.gonzaga.edu/studentemployment.  The Institutional jobs list will also be available August 15 and can be sent to you by contacting Robin Guevara at guevara@gonzaga.edu.

The Student Employment Job Fair will be on Monday, August 29 from 12-2pm in Cataldo Hall. At the job fair you will find departments looking to hire for both FWS (mostly) & Institutional (a few).

How hard is it to find a job?
Finding a job is competitive and all students should consider making starting early and being persistent a priority until they find a job.  Jobs go quickly so checking the job lists on the 15th would be a good idea.

What do I need to complete the hiring paperwork?
Students will need to bring either an unexpired passport, or, an original social security card, or, a birth certificate.  No Copies Are Accepted.  Also, students at Gonzaga are paid by direct deposit so should bring either a voided check or their account and routing numbers.

Read more about employment policies and procedures at Gonzaga by going to our website, www.gonzaga.edu/studentemployment or by contacting us at 509-313-6588.

The Student Employment Staff look forward to welcoming you in the fall!


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