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Greetings. My name is Janeen Steer and I am an ordained Presbyterian minister who is now part of the University Ministry team.

I like questions. There is a neighbor girl on the cartoon Phineas and Ferb who always says “What ya doing?” That little girl could be me for I  like to ask the big questions as well as the little questions. There have been a lot of big questions that I’ve had to ask in the last 6 months. Who am I? What am I called to do? What will this job change look like? Will they like me? And over the past 10 days of starting at Gonzaga I have been asking some big questions.  What are all those acronyms for? Who is in charge of what? Why is it structured as such? Where is David Stockton? (Okay my grade school kids are asking that one)

Your children are asking some of those same questions and I want you to know that there are many of us here that consider it a holy privilege to meet them on their journey and listen as they ask and find answers.

You might be asking one question in particular. Who is this woman that is writing to me?

I graduated from Chico State University with a degree in Liberal Studies. I also have a Masters of Divinity and a Masters of Christian Education from Princeton Theological Seminary. I served as an associate pastor for three years at First Presbyterian Church Spokane before becoming a Zag. I am one of the University Ministry Coordinators who will have oversight over protestant ministries as well. I am a proud owner of a minivan that is usually full of sports equipment and children and my current music of choice is Need to Breathe.

As I have been asking the big questions all of my life I have come to suspect that it is by asking the questions and sharing the questions with others that is central to growth. These questions lead to answers that help us know ourselves. We hunger for perhaps more than anything else to be known in our full humanness. I want to know your children and help create a community where your children can be known. I have a passion for people, a desire for authentic conversations and a hope to see people equipped to live out their calling on earth. I am grateful to serve a University that seeks to support the faith development of all students.

Any questions? Please feel free to give me a call.

God’s peace,

Janeen Steer



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