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Happy New Year!

Many of us will be starting 2012 with resolutions – some may attempt to laugh more, join a club, or lose the weight you swore you would during last year’s resolution. This being said, it is also a great time for your students to shed old habits that may have prevented them from obtaining academic success during his/her first semester. Perhaps it’s time to try something new in their academic world.

Here are a few suggestions you could coach your student to pursue as he/she prepares for the spring 2012 semester:

  • One of your student’s best resources is right before his/her eyes – The PROFESSOR! Your student’s professors are available and ready to assist with coursework, test preparation, and suggestions on how to best learn the subject. Encourage your student to visit his/her professors during office hours (usually stated on the course syllabus received the first week ofclass) and before or after class. They can also send an e-mail to schedule an appointment. Professors want to interact with students and are here to help – encourage your student to take the lead!
  • Suggest that your student explore new study habits, test-taking strategies, and review methods and tools.
  • Some suggestions:
    • Review course material with more frequency. Take five to ten minutes before AND after class to review lecture notes while it is still fresh in their minds.
    • Avoid marathon reviews or back-to-back reviewing; try to schedule short breaks between reviews and don’t switch subjects too quickly.
    • Don’t save the worst for last–try saving favorite subjects for the end as a reward for studying the hard stuff first.
    • Studying in groups can be a great way to share ideas and review areas that may not have been previously considered.  If study groups are appealing, join a group of people who want to do well in the class.
    • When preparing for tests and quizzes, try different study methods: mind-maps, flash cards and/or study checklists.
    • Use a time management table to help organize time between studying, breaks, meals and extra-curricular activities. A version of this document is available outside of the Counseling Office.

There are many tools, tips and tricks out there.  Send your student to our website for more study strategies and suggestions. The following are links to documents you may find helpful as your student heads into the spring semester.

Looking ahead to February:

In February, we’ll provide you with a few ideas to share with your student to “shake off winter!”  We’ll also provide tips for undeclared students and tell you how your student can find tutoring.  If you have questions before then, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Happy New Year and good luck with your 2012 resolutions!

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