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To expedite the move-in process on campus, Cincinnati Street from Desmet Ave to the Centennial Trail will be restricted to north bound “one-way” traffic only.  To alleviate confusion and/or being “stuck” in traffic, these recommendations were created to assist you during your big day.  It is advisable that you familiarize yourself with our campus and the surrounding neighborhood streets prior to your arrival.

Additionally, be aware that GU has finally broke ground on our much-anticipated multi-tiered parking structure on campus.  The location of the construction site is Desmet and Cincinnati and takes up an entire city block in size.  When finished, we will truly welcome the addition parking spaces it will provide.  However, please note that this year due to the infant stage of progress or construction, we will not be allowed to utilize any of the property being worked on for parking.  Simply put, parking for this year’s Opening Day activities will be very, very limited.  Although plans are being reviewed in an attempt to accommodate most move-in day vehicles, please be advised that street parking may be the only space available.

For the below listed Resident Halls, please enter our campus as follows:

DeSmet Hall:

From east or westbound Sharp Ave, turn southbound (towards campus), onto Standard Street.  Proceed to the marked barricade where a uniform Officer will direct you to your destination.

Welch Hall:

From Hamilton:  If southbound from Sharp Ave, turn right onto Boone Ave.  Continue one block and turn left at Cincinnati Street.  If northbound from Interstate 90, turn left onto Boone Ave.  Turn left again (next block), onto Cincinnati Street.  Once on Cincinnati, continue towards campus and stop at the temporary stop sign at Desmet Ave, which will be manned by Security Personnel.  Tell the Officer you need to go to “Welch” and you will be directed to your desired destination.

Southbound Cincinnati from Sharp Ave:  Continue driving towards campus to the temporary stop sign.  Tell the uniformed Officer you need to go to “Welch.” In addition, they will direct you to your destination.


From Hamilton:  If south bound from Sharp Ave, continue past the school all the way to the next tri-light signal.  That will be Spokane Falls Blvd/ Trent Ave.  Turn right and drive one short block to Cincinnati Ave (You’ll see the GU baseball stadium on the corner).  Turn right (north bound), and drive towards campus to the marked barricade which will be manned by uniformed Officers.  Tell the Officers you need to unload at Madonna or Catherine-Monica and they will direct you to your destination.

From Interstate 90:  Take the Hamilton Street off ramp, which ends at Spokane Falls/Trent Ave.  Get into the left turn only lane and turn westbound.  Quickly get into the right lane of Spokane Falls Blvd, as you will be making a right turn at the next street, which is Cincinnati.  Precede north bound to the marked barricade, which will be manned by uniformed Officers.  Tell them Madonna or Catherine-Monica and they will direct you from there.

Coughlin Hall:

From Hamilton south bound or from Interstate 90:  Follow the same directions stated above under Madonna/Catherine-Monica.  When you arrive at the barricade, just tell the Officer your assigned to Coughlin Hall and you will be directed to the appropriate parking/unloading area.

Please note: You will be notified by Housing of the “official” check-in/move-in time for your particular Resident Hall.  With your help, the move-in staff will attempt to stay on schedule throughout the day.  However, in some cases do to travel distances, we realize families arrive on campus earlier than requested.  Therefore, should you arrive a few minutes before your assigned time; Campus Security will direct you to a “staging area” near your assigned Resident Hall.

Towards the end of July, we will be posting on out blog additional information regarding opening day.  Please go to the following link for updated information, directions, and maps.



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