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We are just days away from the start of your student’s collegiate career, and we are so eager to meet the incoming class of 2015, one of our best and brightest yet! We are honored that your student has chosen Gonzaga University to educate their whole person: mind, body and spirit.

Over the course of the summer, advisors in the Academic Advising & Assistance (AAA) office spent countless hours individually creating your student’s schedules to give them the best possible start to a 4-year graduation.  Schedules were officially released to students in early August. Meeting degree requirements is important, but we also recognize the desire to personalize schedules, and as such, we welcome requests from students to make schedule changes.  Our first schedule change session completed just days ago, on August 10th. There are more opportunities however, during New Student Orientation, and again when classes begin as students can add courses to their schedules through September 5th, and drop through September 7th.  Students can make these schedule change requests with advisors in AAA during posted Schedule Change Times (below), and during regular business hours once classes are in session. AAA is located in College Hall 104.  We look forward to welcoming families and students on-campus in just a couple short weeks. Be sure to visit our parent info sessions on Saturday, August 25th.  Look for information and descriptions in your New Student Orientation packets when you arrive. During the weekend, your student will also meet with his/her academic advisor and will have time to ask major/career specific questions.

NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION In-Person Schedule Changes

Students may request schedule changes in-person, on a first-come, first-served basis on one of the following dates/times:
Friday, August 24, 9am-12pm, 12:30pm -3:00pm
Saturday, August 25, 8am-12 noon
Location: College Hall Room 104

AAA’s Reference of the Month

If this is your first child to head off to college, you now find yourself in the new category of — College Parent. Let’s address the proverbial, elephant in the room. In the weeks to come as you prepare to drive, fly, hike, or boat your student to school you (and your student) will be dealing with change and transition. Very soon your student will be here on campus and in coursework. You will drop your student off at Gonzaga and we will then be given the opportunity to further educate him/her during the next four years. In doing so, we will always remember that there is no person that knows your student better than you do. You are and always will be your student’s first and most significant teacher. You are extremely important to the academic success of your student. This is one of the many reasons we are excited to partner with you in this educational process. In hopes of optimizing the benefits of partnering, we ask that you please consider Parent Involvement, as it was offered in a 2008 ASHE Higher Education Report; “parents’ showing interest in the lives of their student’s in college, gaining more information about college, knowing when and how to appropriately provide encouragement and guidance to their student” (ASHE, p. 33).  It is okay if you do not have an answer to his/her questions. We find that quite often students are looking for validation of their thinking and not necessarily specific answers.  Knowing when and how to encourage and provide guidance can be a tall task, so we are offering this monthly blog as a resource in which we hope will be of assistance to you in your journey as a College Parent. We hope you enjoy!


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