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Upcoming Dates

Portland Trek – January 3rd, 2013

Includes: Women in Leadership Symposium, Career & Internship Fair, Lunch with Employers, Corporate Excursions, and Networking Social  & Dinner at the Tiger Woods Center on the Nike Campus

Seattle Trek – January 10th-11th, 2013

Includes: Women in Leadership Symposium, Career & Internship Fair, Corporate Excursions, Networking Social and Dinner

Staff Perspective

Dear Parents and Families,

The Career Center Representative (CCRs) group for the 2012-2013 academic year consists of a group of 12 men and women who have volunteered in the Career Center & GAMP office to assist their peers with career development. This year, the group is comprised of 5 sophomores, 2 juniors, and 5 seniors of varied majors. They are led this year by president, CJ Best, and vice-president, Ruby Cela.

The Mission of the Career Center Representatives:

1)   To further the growth and maturity of the general Gonzaga student body in regards to their professional development through peer mentoring

2)   Enhance the breadth and knowledge of the current Career Center Representatives

We hope that you will encourage your son or daughter to stop by our office meet the members this outstanding group. By doing this, they will have an opportunity hear about all of the events and programs that are taking place, have their resume reviewed, and progress in their unique career development journey.


John Parks, Career Center Representative Advisor

Student Perspective

Buongiorno from the Career Center! My name is Caitlin Pallai and I am one of the two Junior CCR’s this year. I am double majoring in International Studies with a concentration in International Relations and English with the Writing Track, and (as if that were not enough) I am receiving a minor in Italian Studies. Accompanying this academic load, I am a proud member of the Bulldog Band and of Gonzaga University’s own Model United Nations. So…how did an aspiring, alto saxophone playing diplomat with a passion for writing in English and Italiano become a member of the Career Center? It all started by reading the Morning Mail… (It does pay off!)

I will admit that I almost let the opportunity slip by. Though the position welcomed all grades and majors, I couldn’t help but worry that my humanity minded majors and minor weren’t enough. What about all those business majors? Surely they might prefer them or perhaps they will be better prepared than me. These and other thoughts of trepidation tumbled about in my mind all that day until,

“Hey Caitlin!” called my friend Emily. “You’ve been on the Treks before haven’t you?”

“Yup,” I replied.

“How did you prepare?!”

And so I proceeded to spew out tips and tricks that I had employed on my two previous Seattle Treks. “Have you ordered business cards?” “I would wear that to the Networking Social…” “You should make an elevator pitch just in case…” “Don’t forget several copies of your resume too…” It was only after I returned to my room did it occur to me that I had the potential for being a Career Center Representative.

I applied.

I believe that being a Career Center Representative is my opportunity to live out the Gonzaga Mission and Vision statements, and to be a person for others. As a peer mentor, I wish to provide to the best of my ability the means by which my friends and peers can advance and succeed in their own career goals. And just as I help others to succeed, I know that their interactions with me will help me with my personal growth as well.

The Career Center is here for everyone and is a place full of individuals willing and ready to offer aid and advice. I enjoy working with the staff, with my peers and my fellow CCR’s. (Even if I am one of two who’s pursuing my undergraduate education in humanities!) Never once have I felt out of place due to my choice of majors and minor. If anything, I’m eager to share my experiences and knowledge with those abundant (and equally enjoyable) business and science majors, just as I appreciate their experiences and perspectives.

It didn’t take me long to feel at home.


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