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What does Gonzaga Family mean to me?

To be part of the Gonzaga family means that we are part of a deeply rooted community.  It means that we can count on strong support when we need it.  As a parent who never had the opportunity to attend college, it was a dream come true, when my first daughter was accepted at GU. Two years later, my son was not only accepted, but was the recipient of the Act Six Scholarship (Cadre 1). At Gonzaga we found support in all areas that matter the most: Spiritual; Social; Financial, Educational, most importantly with forming our children into positive, contributing adults. Gonzaga not only develops the academic mind, they develop the critical thinking skills needed in today’s world.

My first daughter had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy, which not only have her an opportunity to travel, it gave her an experience of knowing other cultures. Both of my children have been involved with the University Multicultural Educational Center (UMEC) and have not only shared their culture, but also learned about other cultures and customs. Gonzaga Family means acceptance of everyone, no matter their background or religious beliefs. Our youngest daughter is about to embark on her journey as a bulldog student this year and again we are counting on the support of the Gonzaga family.

This year, we are counting on the many resources of the University, from guiding our son to graduate soon on landing a job in the engineering field he majored in and in guiding our youngest daughter on helping her find her passion so she can make her contribution to making this world a better place. As in any family, once you become a Gonzaga Family, you are a family member for life and we are proud to say that we are part of the Gonzaga Family.

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  1. Frank and Karen

    We are proud to have known The Marmolejos and to have shared their life with them and their family all these years. The Marmolejos represent all the best of what parents desire to be when their children first come into their lives. Their formula for nurturing children into their futures with grace and dignity is one that should be copied. Additionally, our friendship with them thrived and endured even though we have lived great distances from each other. The Marmolejos are remarkable in so many ways and really are proud Gonzaga parents!