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The highlight of orientation weekend occurred while listening to Fr. Hightower discuss what a Jesuit education at Gonzaga would really mean. I was in awe, hearing about a proud history of not only educating through rigorous academics, but also building one’s whole self to be a person for others, spiritually and emotionally.  This University wants students who have been immersed in the Gonzaga way to not just achieve individual excellence after college, but to be excellence for others. I was simply thunderstruck: my Gonzaga educated father (’61), along with my mother (Holy Names ‘58, had raised their family with those exact ideals. They modeled a life of service for others at all times, even serving in the Peace Corps in Uganda after raising their own children. I knew as I listened to Fr. Hightower that his words were neither empty promises nor lofty dreams, but that Gonzaga would indeed instill in our son the same Catholic, Jesuit and humanistic ideals my father had learned two generations earlier. 

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