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At spots all across the nation, and even a few far-flung corners of the globe, Zags everywhere gathered recently to celebrate what is likely to become a new tradition: National Gonzaga Day. They came together to honor all of the things, like faith and service, that have made Gonzaga so special for the past 125 years.

Thirty alumni chapters – consisting of Gonzaga graduates, families, current students, parents and friends – hosted the gatherings for National Gonzaga Day, a keystone event in the University’s yearlong anniversary celebration. The get-togethers, occurring from Seattle to New York City and Canada to Japan, included game watches, prizes, food and camaraderie. But really, aside from a bit more pomp and circumstance, this was just another social event for alumni chapters.

Gonzaga’s regional alumni chapters meet on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s to watch their beloved Bulldogs on the basketball court, other times it’s to perform service projects. Regardless of the reason, these meetings are a way for Zags to stay connected and even fulfill the University’s commitment to serving others at the local level.

Another way GU alumni can give back is by supporting regional scholarships. Regional scholarships not only give alumni chapters across the country the opportunity to meet the University’s greatest need, but also leave a legacy at Gonzaga. Regional scholarships are a direct way to help local students who demonstrate a financial need.

“I think the local alumni should be promoting the regional scholarship as a way for local alumni to feel more directly connected to their school, and to help alumni realize they can help make local students have a Gonzaga experience like they had,” said Raymond Loyola, a 2003 graduate of Gonzaga who is actively involved in the Seattle Regional Scholarship.

Regional scholarships are endowed funds, able to provide scholarships once they reach a threshold of $25,000. These enterprises will award into perpetuity as the balance grows while being managed in Gonzaga’s pooled endowment. Annual scholarships, by comparison, are dependent on year-to-year fundraising efforts. Once they are spent, they must be replenished. The far-sighted planning of committed alumni to start an endowed scholarship brings strength and sustainability to Gonzaga.

Currently established regional scholarships include:

  • Seattle
  • Tacoma, Wash.
  • Grays Harbor, Wash.
  • Portland, Ore.
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Alaska
  • Texas
  • Phoenix

To receive a regional scholarship, students must demonstrate financial need and be from the region or state in which the alumni chapter is based. For questions pertaining to regional scholarships, please contact Shane Hatcher at hatchers@gonzaga.edu or (509) 313-6401. To find or join your local alumni chapter, visit zagsonline.org.

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