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Quiet Hours, Closing (Check-out) Date, Housing Extensions
Graduates, Summer Housing, No On-campus Summer Storage
Deposit Refunds, Check-Out
Summer Storage Options

24 Hour Quiet Hours

Quiet hours will be enforced around the clock in the residence halls and apartments beginning Friday, May 3, 2013 beginning at 11 PM.The quiet hours continue through final exam week, ending on May 10, 2013. Not everyone will finish their finals when you do, so please be respectful of those who are still preparing for their finals.

Residence Halls and Apartments Closing for Semester

This semester, the check-out deadline for students living on campus is 24 hours after your last scheduled exam or Saturday, May 11, 2013 at 2 PM, whichever comes first. Therefore, please schedule your travel well in advance to coincide with your check out deadline.

Extension to the Check-Out Deadline

Residents must apply for an extension to stay beyond the check-out deadline. Extensions are available to residents who are:

1. Graduating or have a sibling graduating.

2. Participating in the graduation activities in an official capacity.

3. Participating in an official GU athletic competition.

4. Transitioning to summer housing (including staff).

To apply for an extension, please submit the Extension Request Form to housing@gonzaga.edu prior to April 28, 2013. Approval and any special terms of the extension will be sent to your GU email address.


First, congratulations! This is well deserved!!  Likely you’ll be celebrating your accomplishment with family and friends and thus need and want a short extension to your check-out deadline. The Housing Office would appreciate your cooperation in submitting an Extension Request Form. The request serves as official notice of your intentions and reduces the likelihood that you’ll be disturbed by staff because they don’t know you’re still here.  For graduating seniors, the deadline may be extended until Monday, May 13, 2013 by noon.

Summer Housing Available for $175/Week

Whether you’re staying for one week or the whole summer, on-campus housing is available to accommodate you. You don’t have to enroll in summer school classes to reside in summer housing, only be registered for the 2013 fall semester. The apartments are furnished and include air conditioning. The weekly rate is $175 including all utilities.

You may request who you’d like to live with or Housing can find apartment-mates for you. Further, if you currently reside on-campus or will do so next fall, the Housing Office will coordinate your transition to and from your summer assignment so you are not without a place to stay. With on-campus living, you’ll avoid the hassles of subleasing and challenges of coordinating rent and utility payments with apartment-mates.

For more information, please refer to the “Summer Housing” page on our web site or contact the Housing Office. If you’re ready to submit an application, you may do so on the ZagLiving portal (accessible through ZagWeb). Please select the term that most closely matches your needs—we’ll confirm the specific dates later.

No On-Campus Summer Storage

Gonzaga University does not offer storage for your belongings over the summer.  You’ll need to take your belongings home with you or arrange to store your belongings off-campus (see page 4). You may not leave anything in your room beyond check-out, even if you are returning to the same room next fall. To help defray the cost, some residents elect to share a storage unit. You may use the Gonzaga Housing Facebook page to seek students who may want to share a storage unit with you.

Requesting a Refund of Your Housing Deposit

If you will not be living on-campus for the 2013-14 academic year or staying in summer housing, the balance of your housing deposit, after the assessment of damage charges, will be sent to your mailing address on file with the university. It is your responsibility to ensure that your mailing address is updated.

Check-Out Procedure

  1. Please schedule a check-out appointment with your RA well in advance of your check-out deadline (24 hours after your last final or Saturday, May 11 at 2 pm (whichever comes first). Depending on the date and time of your check-out, you may be asked to use the express check-out process (see note below).
  2. Return your room/apartment to the condition it was in when you moved in. This includes removing and properly disposing of any lofts, vacuuming the floors, dusting the furniture, emptying the garbage, and removing all of your belongings.  If you reside in a suite or apartment, you may want to coordinate the cleaning of the bathroom(s) and other common space with your suitemates or apartment-mates.  Any charge for cleaning the common space in your “unit” will be split equally among you and your roommates. Please note the minimum charge for any additional cleaning by the university is $25, however, it can be substantially more.
  3. At your scheduled time, please contact the staff member who is scheduled to conduct the check-out. Both of you will inspect the room/apartment at this time. You will return your keys (the minimum missing room key or entrance key cost is $35/each and a missing entrance door access card cost is $25).  Please note that a final damage assessment will be conducted by the residence life staff after the halls are closed and final charges will not be assessed until that time.
  4. If you receive an incorrect charge, there is an appeal form that you may submit. Please note that appeals will only be considered if you can provide proof that you should not have been charged.

Please note that failure to follow this procedure may result in the assessment of a $45 improper check-out fee.

Express Check-out: Under the express check-out process, residents complete steps 1 and 2 above, but in lieu of step 3 (meeting with a staff member) described above, they will receive an express check-out envelope and further instructions.

Summer Storage Options

The leases are month to month and all rates are monthly unless otherwise noted.  This list is for informational purposes only—no endorsement is offered nor liability assumed by GU. Information subject to change, so call to confirm rates and availability. Please consult the phone directory for other storage providers.

ABC Mini-Storage
7726 W. Hwy 2 (across from Longhorn BBQ)
(509) 624-2248
5×5                climate controlled $35
5×10     $50,   climate controlled $55
10×10   $100, climate controlled $120

A Economy Storage
104 S. Division
(509) 455-5450
5×5       $30 (special)     5×10     $40 (special)
5×15     $55

Notes: No deposit, no tax, no set-up fee, can share with other students, pay 3 months get 4th free, locks loaned to students (first come first serve). Over 40 varieties of sized storage units, call for reduced student pricing.

Airway Heights Mini Storage
12631 W 15th
Airway Heights
(509) 244-8533
3x3x3 $6   5×10 $40   10×10 $65 (large cap.)

Notes: 10% student discount. First time customers special: buy 2 months, get 3rd month free (with no other discounts)

Mini Warehouse Self-Storage
4503 E. Trent
(509) 535-0431

5×10        $35 for 3 months, $45 thereafter
10×10      $60 for 3 months, $70 thereafter
10×15      $80    10×20      $105

Notes: No deposit or lock provided.

All Season Storage
4804 W. 34th Ave (Sunset Hill)
(509) 455-9285
5×10      $45     5×12      $45      10×10   $55
10X12   $55     10X20   $75  Carport $45

Notes: First month rent upfront, no deposit, no lock provided.

A Place for Self Storage
1616 W. 2nd
(509) 838-3105
5×5      $30
5×10    $45

Notes: $15 security deposit, $10 administration fee

Diamond Self Storage
5602 W. Sunset Hwy
(509) 747-9376
5×5       $40     5×10     $50
10×10   $75
Summer Deal: 10X10 $149, free lock, May-Sep

Notes: $10 administration fee.

Foothills Mini Storage
2615 N. Cincinnati Street
(509) 484-MINI (6464)
Pricing for GU Students
5X5  $35    10×10, 10×12, 10×15, etc.- $50

Notes: Call and let them know you are a GU student and “they’ll cut you a deal”. Refundable $25 deposit.

Spokane Storage
7028 N. Division
(509) 487-2772
5×5     $43     5×10   $54
7.5×10 $75    10×10  $85

Notes: Pre-pay 3 months and 5% off. Climate controlled may be available.

Portable Storage Units or PODS™ (877) 449-7637, Sizes:  8x8x12 or 8x8x16
Portable storage units (PSU) may be used under the following terms (additional terms may apply):

  1. PSU’s may only be delivered to the Trent Ave parking lot. Due to logistical constraints, no PSU’s will be permitted anywhere else on campus.
  2. The space available to accommodate PSU’s is limited and a reservation/approval is required in advance through Campus Security.  Please contact John VanSant at ext. 3996 or vansant@gonzaga.edu.
  3. There is a specific “window of opportunity” for PSU’s. Before you make reservations with the PSU provider, please verify delivery and pick-up dates with Campus Security.
  4. GU is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

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