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By: Robin Guevara

Will your student be looking to get a job in the fall?  Students who work 10-15 hours on campus are actually better students, it turns out, so don’t be wondering if your student will have time or not.  Students have several ways to work while going to Gonzaga. An email has already been sent out to all incoming and transfer students and will be sent again in July and August alerting them to the various ways to get a job when they get here. Be sure your student has activated his/her zagmail email so they get this information.  The key is to be informed and to act early and with persistence.  The other key is to let Student Employment know how the job search is going so we can assist you.

On-campus employment consists of either Federal Work Study (FWS) or Institutional.  FWS is part of the student’s financial aid award and allows students to apply for a variety of jobs.  Institutional jobs are paid for by each department’s budget and are much more competitive.  All on-campus jobs will be posted on August 19th.  FWS jobs will be on line at www.gonzaga.edu/studentemployment and Institutional jobs will be emailed out to students upon request to guevara@gonzaga.edu.   Also, plan on attending the Student Employment Job Fair on Monday, September 2 where both FWS and Institutional jobs will be offered.  If unable to attend, stop by the Student Employment Office early in the week to discuss job opportunities.  Students offered off-campus State Work Study have already been sent an email regarding how to find jobs in that program.  We also have a Community Job Board at www.gonzaga.edu/studentemployment that offers off-campus jobs in the Spokane community.

Please remember that this is a real job and the mandatory hiring paperwork has to be completed.  Students planning to work at Gonzaga for the first time will need to bring original documentation for the I-9 Employment Eligibility Form consisting of EITHER an unexpired passport, OR, an original social security card, OR an original or certified birth certificate.  Don’t leave home without them!

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