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Mandy Silve, VP of GSBA

With the holidays quickly approaching, we have been busy coordinating our GU-to-airport (and back) shuttle service.  Students have access to all the information at the GSBA website.  Here are the most frequently asked questions… and answers!

How can I purchase a ticket for a shuttle ride?
You can purchase the shuttle rides to and from the airport through a cash-net link. It is on the GSBA website. Once you purchase the shuttle ride, you MUST print out the receipt, for this is your ticket to get on! There is NO OTHER option for securing a spot on the shuttle. Do NOT bring cash to the shuttle hoping to catch a ride at the last minute.

What days and times does the shuttle run?

  • Tuesday, November 26th,  11am to 9pm, on the hour leaving from Desmet Circle
  • Wednesday, November 27th,  7am to 5pm, on the hour leaving from Desmet Circle
  • Sunday, December 1st,  noon to 10pm, on the hour leaving from the airport, dropping at Desmet Circle

What is the cost?
$5 one way, $8 round trip

Can I buy a one way ticket only?
Yes… you will see this option on cash-net.

Do I have to schedule my pick-up from the airport?
Yes; if you would like to be taken back to campus, you must purchase a round trip ticket.

Where will I find the shuttle at the airport?
The shuttle will be at the north end of the terminal, outside baggage claim.

Do I need a ticket and/or my ID?
Your printed receipt IS your ticket. You must present this ticket to the shuttle driver.  Your ID is not required.

What if my flight is delayed and I miss the last return shuttle?
You can still get on an earlier or later shuttle just as long as it is not full. Priority will be given to the students who purchased tickets in advance.


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