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By: Stuart Davis, Housing and Residence Life

The 2014-15 housing selection process for returning residents begins in January 2014 with submittal of an application through the on-line ZagLiving portal. Returning students who have fulfilled the residency requirement by Fall 2014 will select their rooms in February (on-campus housing is not guaranteed). Those still subject to the residency requirement by Fall 2014 will make their room selection in March (on-campus housing is guaranteed).

To foster an orderly process, the room selection is segmented by population, living style, and perhaps “unit capacity.” Since the quantity of rooms in each living style and building is limited,[1] a random element is introduced into the process.  Applications “signed” and received by the due date are randomly ordered. This random order is used to establish a “start time” when an applicant may make a selection for a particular living style. Typically, 10 to 20 applicants are issued the same “start time” with the next group allowed access 10 minutes later and so on. At any time between their “start time” and the closing time, applicants may access ZagLiving to make their room selection and select “beds” for preferred roommates (as identified on their application as accepted). Once an applicant selects a room (or roommate selects for them), they are finished in the selection process and cannot participate further. Due to the complexities of the process, an applicant is not allowed to “hedge their bet” by selecting a room and then trying to “upgrade” later.

The specific policies that will apply to the room selection process will be sent to applicants in advance. The policies, when finalized, will also be posted on the GU web site:


Any questions may be directed to the Housing Office (509-313-4103 or housing@gonzaga.edu).

[1] To accommodate the incoming freshman class, the Housing Office may predetermine the quantity and gender of rooms offered to returning residents. 

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