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By: Robin Guevara, Student Employment Manager

There is much you can do to help your student be ready to join the workforce after graduation.  While families may be already encouraging their student to get a job in order to help pay for school, there is an even bigger pay-off for students than their paycheck.  Employers are looking for students who know how to work and who have demonstrated, while they are in school, their ability to lead as well as be involved in activities related to their field of study.

One thing that is becoming very clear is that employers also want to see that the student held an internship, and since these normally happen during the summer, it is time, now, for your student to begin looking.  Fall deadlines for internship applications are not uncommon.  A student’s first step toward finding an internship should be with The Career Center, and their internship specialist.

If this all seems like a lot to expect from a college student, think again!  The resources available to students while in school often disappear once they’ve graduated.  Waiting until senior year to think about what will happen after graduation is often too late to compete with those students who have tapped in to resources that make finding a job easier.

The student employment staff is here to assist your student with finding a job, on or off campus; please send them our way if they are still looking.

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